Precaution to be taken before and after tummy tuck surgery

People who have excess abdominal fat and skin often get relief by removing them with the help of tummy tuck surgeries.   Some precautions have to be taken before and after tummy tuck surgeries for producing good results. They are discussed below.

Preparations needed for the surgery

Every person who has decided to undergo tummy tuck surgery has to get prepared for the surgery and has to change his life style and mental attitude corroborating to the procedure to be undertaken.

  • Understand in detail about the procedure and its merits and demerits through blogs and forum wherein the actual experiences of the candidates who have earlier undergone this procedure are detailed.
  • Get proper counseling and make yourself mentally and physically ready for the surgery.
  • A full meal before the surgery is not recommended
  • Inform your surgeon the medicines that you are now taking and he will advise you what to do in this matter
  • Stop smoking a few weeks prior to the scheduled date for the surgery
  • Make your home ready with necessary accessories like petroleum jelly, shower head, loose clothing, ice packs etc.
  • Arrange a driver to drive your car as you will not be able to drive in your return journey
  • Keep realistic views about the probable outcome of the surgery

Precautions after the surgery

People who have undergone abdominoplasty have to take special precautions after the surgical procedure for the successful completion and good results from the procedure. Some of them are detailed below.

  • Have plenty of rest and follow a balanced diet
  • More row fruits are good for increasing the fluid intake
  • Take pain medications which are approved by your doctor
  • Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking for speeding up the healing process
  • Do not lift heavy materials for at least six weeks after the surgery
  • Do not strain abdominal muscle by any activity including exercises. If you do any exercises, it has to be done with the approval of your physician
  • Your normal work can be resumed after three to four weeks or as advised by your physician
  • Keep your scars unexposed to the sun, lest healing may be delayed
  • To avoid infection keep the incisions clean
  • Use antibacterial soaps for body wash
  • Sleep in right posture thereby avoiding undue tension in the incision
  • If you find any difficulty in the healing process, you can consult a plastic surgeon for better results.

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