13 Frequently Asked Questions About Balayage

Here are some frequently asked questions about balayage hair.

What Is Balayage?

Probably the most frequent question. Balayage is French for ‘sweep’, and this hair coloring technique sweeps the color on your hair in a feathery manner, hence the name balayage. Balayage, unlike, others aren’t done with precision, it done with free hand. With balayage hair style you can get baby like natural highlights.

What kind of hair is needed for balayage?

Any kind will do, this is the beauty of balayage hair. No matter what color or cut you have balayage will work for you. Also, balayage works better if you have blonde hair, but it will look equally good with hair with different colors and shades.

How is it applied? What is the procedure of application?

Balayage is an art, the tools needed for balayage are a brush and a backing board. With balayage the colorist or the expert has more control on the product application than in the other techniques like foil and cap.

If it’s just dye, how come it’s so popular?

It was used to be in fashion in the 70’s and now it’s back in fashion because of its all-natural look. A lot of celebrities have styled their hair with this color. Hence making it popular.

How much after color maintenance is required with balayage hair?

Surprisingly, balayage is very low maintenance. The most prominent advantage is that you don’t have to get the dyeing done again if your hair grows long. No touching up the roots. The only up keep is that you will need to get a color safe shampoo and conditioner to maintain the shine of the color.

How do I know what’s right for me? As in will it suit me?

Balayage hair suits almost everyone, but if you are doubtful, the have the colorist ask you questions about your likings, and the colorist can come up with the color you might like. You can also show inspirations as pictures too.

What will a Balayage do for my hair?

Balayage adds dimensions to darker hair, like brunette, brown and black. There will be no growing out or harsh lines with balayage.

How do I Prepare my hair for Balayage?

You will need to so a patch test two days prior to your appointment. Do not over use any other chemical product in your hair prior to your appointment. Also, natural oil is good, so if you have built up oil in your hair then, your scalp will be protected against the harsh chemicals. Oil is good, but your hair needs to be clean, no dirt that is. Also, make sure you have pictures for inspirations.

How Long Will It Take?

Every hair is different; thus, the time varies for every hair type. It can either take hours or it can take more sittings than one. You will also, need a consult before you go in for an actual appointment.

What are the ‘Downsides’ to Balayage?

Fortunately, there are no downsides to balayage except for the fact that bleaching and cutting down, will make your hair dry for a bit. But that can be corrected with proper shampooing and conditioning.

How much does it cost?

Balayage may cost more than your usual highlights. The price varies from person to person, it all depends on the type of the hair you have, the color you have. The darker your hair the more time and sitting it will take to give you the right color.

Are there any recommendations?

Yes! if you have long and straight hair then you should get them done in a light shade and keep it to the minimum, but if you have thick hair and you wear them in curls then you will be better off with heavy highlights.

How is it different than the other hair colors and highlights?

Think of it as a signature color from your colorist. It’s different and unique than every other client. This is how balayage is different the other hair colors. It is free hand, no two-hair color is the same.

All in all, hair salon for balayage rockville hair doesn’t have any downside. It may be a bit expensive than the rest, but balayage hair style is worth the money and the trouble.


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