Everything that you need to know about allergies

Allergies occur when the immune system in the body starts overreacting to various substances that are referred to as allergens. There are a number of common allergens that can trigger allergy systems. These include bet dander, bee venom, pollen, and various foods. However, these are not the only system. There is an endless list of possible triggers. These triggers can be present anywhere, and can literally be anything a tall. In case you feel like you have some allergy symptoms but do not know what is causing it, you will have to get some allergy testing done by a doctor.

All that you should know about allergies

In this article, we put together all that you need to know about allergies, its triggers, and the diagnosis followed by the treatment.

Who is susceptible to allergies?

In the United States, Allergies tend to be the 6th most common cause of illnesses. For instance, more than 50 million people in the United States suffer from a disease that is related to allergies. These diseases include hay fever, hives, sinus infections, sinusitis, and a lot more.

According to the CDC (centres for disease control and prevention), more than 21 million Americans who are of 18 or older age tend to have allergic rhinitis. This is commonly referred to as hay fever. Those who suffer from asthma, are less than 18 years of age, and have asthma are more likely to get allergic reactions.

Sometimes, children develop allergies as they get older. So, it is not uncommon for many different types of allergies to go away at one point and then to come back later. Moreover, it is also possible for a person to have more than one type of allergy. In case you have asthma, you are 4 time more likely to have allergic conditions. Chances are that there are no other allergic conditions, or that there are but you just do not know it yet.

What happens during allergic reactions?

Allergens are substances that are otherwise harmless, but trigger allergic reactions in other people. This is due to an immune response that gets triggered in allergic people. This occurs when the person swallows, injects, touches, inhales, or interacts with the allergen. There are varying degrees of allergic reactions. While some allergic reactions can be severe, others may be mild. Still, some allergic reactions can also be life threatening. So, it is extremely important for people to keep this in mind and take necessary precautions. For instance, avoid spending time in your outdoor patio as much as possible during peak allergy season.

When the body’s immune system triggers due to an allergen, an antibody known as IgE gets released. This antibody attempts to destroy this allergen in an attempt to protect itself. In this process, other cells also release a number of chemicals such as histamine.

Due to a high amount of histamine in the body, an unwanted response can occur which leads to the irritation of lungs, throat, nose, and skin. This is the prime reason why people often deal with these symptoms whenever their allergy symptoms flare up.

Ending note

Allergies are usually treated with over the counter medications that work on relieving the symptoms. As of yet, there is no specific cure for allergies. All that you can do is manage your symptoms and try to keep yourself at bay from the allergens as much as possible. In case you feel like your symptoms are flaring up, then find allergy doctor Germantown as quickly as possible. Moreover, avoid self-diagnosing yourself because what you are considering to be allergy symptoms may be the symptoms of another underlying condition. So, make sure that only a doctor is diagnosing you. Without diagnosis, also avoid using the allergy medicines.


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