What Not To Do After Getting Hair Highlights

Hair dyes are all the rage for women. It’s a perfect way to get a fresh look without changing too much. But hair dye needs to be maintained by yourself or by a hairstylist from hair highlights salons. Here is what you shouldn’t do after getting highlights to keep them maintained for a longer period of time.

No Hot Water

Hot water is not good for freshly dyed hair. It can really ruin all of the efforts the stylist has put into your hair for hours. Try to avoid using hot water, especially after the few days following up your hair dye or highlights. This will make sure that the hair remains shiny and frizz-free. Hot water doesn’t only make the dye fade faster, but it also makes your hair very dry and the appearance of the hair is more damaged than it is healthy.

No Washing For Two Days

You might have heard this a lot from salons and hairstylists because it is right. You don’t want to wash your hair for 2 to 3 days after you have dyed it. You want the dye to sit in your hair without having any sort of contact with shampoo or other chemicals which can make the dye fade faster.

With highlights, this is especially important, because you don’t want the highlights to bleed with the rest of your hair. You want the strands to stand out and the best way to do that is to avoid washing your hair for a few days after the highlights are done. Once a certain time window has passed, you are good to go.

Avoid Harsh Shampoos

Shampoos which contain sulfate are very bad for dyed hair. You don’t want to ruin the look of your hair with sulfate shampoos. This is why your hair colorist may recommend something more mild and gentler for your hair, which will not only make the dye stay in place but it will also make the dye more vibrant and if you have highlights, it will stand out even more.

Try to go for a water-based and dye-safe shampoo. You can get it at most drugstores and supermarkets.

Use A Conditioner

For dyed hair, conditioner is a lifesaver. You want to use conditioner on a daily basis, especially after you dye your hair, or if you have highlights. Conditioner will create a moisture barrier between your hair and the products you apply on top. This will seal the moisture, which, in turn, will keep the dye in place too. Use a mild conditioner that works for your hair type. You don’t want to apply something which doesn’t suit your hair.

Oil Your Hair

Like conditioner, oiling is also necessary for dyed hair. If you are going for highlights, then you will be using bleach on your hair. This can really make the hair weak, dry, and damaged. This is why you need to make it a habit to oil your hair before every shampoo session. You don’t want to skip the oiling step, as this will seal the moisture in your hair and prevent it from escaping when you are washing your hair.

Try to use thick oils like coconut or olive oil and for an extra effect, heat up the oil and do a hot oil massage, but make sure that it’s not too hot. Lukewarm oil is fine.

Let Your Hair Air Dry

It’s best not to use hair tools on your dyed hair. Your hair is already very dry and brittle, so using hair tools to let the hair dry will only make things worse for you. Try to let your hair air dry when you get out of the shower. You will see that your hair is a lot shinier and healthy-looking. Also, don’t drag your towel over your hair, instead use a patting motion to get rid of the excess water.


There you have it! These tips will not only ensure that your highlights look fresh for longer, but they will also make your hair dye last longer, so you don’t have to revisit the balayage salon every couple of weeks for a touch-up. So, these aftercare tips can save you money as well. Hypno


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