When and how to clean your chimneys?

Well, if there is no wood burning fireplace in your house, then you may not et the real home vibe. Of course, when it comes to gel fireplaces or gas-burning fireplaces, there may be certain advantages. However, nothing matches a good old fireplace. But this also requires regular chimney inspection, something that many people are not willing to do regularly.

Chimneys that draw smoke can often lead to a smelly home interior and a presence of soot in the environment. Along with that, a chimney that is not maintained properly can lead to issues such as chimney fires.

And in a number of cases, the main culprit is a chimney that has not been cleaned. So, it is important to learn when and how you should clean the chimney if you want to improve the quality of your life at home.

Importance of chimney cleaning

Well, while you may not observe this phenomenon by the naked eye, the truth is that wood fire os not a clean burner. Upon burning, wood releases a large number of contaminants in the air. These contaminants coat the insides of the chimney.

Along with that, an oily and black substance known as creosote is also one of the major by-products of such fires. When creosote starts building up in the chimneys, it could lead to a chimney fire.

Along with that, creosote is most susceptible to building up when houseowners are using unseasoned or green wood. Along with that, sometimes, organic and flammable debris also makes its way inside the chimney.

Sometimes, this debris comes through the air while at other times, it is brought inside by the animals. These animals include birds, and vermin that can form nests in the chimneys. Such issues often lead to a chimney fire.

Chimney fires

Chimney fires are quite lethal as they just begin with a single snap and spread around like wildfire in no time at all. Furthermore, such fire pop just like a gunshot and keeps on progressing to a rumbling and deep sound.

Typically, a homeowner cannot really control chimney fires. In this case, firefights shoot the water downward from the top. In this case, the house still suffers damage due to the flooding of the water.

In many extreme cases, people have lost their entire houses.

How to clean chimneys?

Well, the best way to get your chimneys cleaned is to reach out to a suitable chimney cleaning service in your area. Just look around, and you will find plenty of options for that. Essentially, one should not clean chimneys anytime later than the fall.

Before the wood burning season arrives, the chimneys should essentially be cleaned and ready for usage. So, it is important for you to not to start burning wood in your fireplace before getting the chimney cleaned.

Furthermore, do not forget to get a chimney inspection also. If you notice that a honeycomb texture is building up on the inside of your chimney, then just get it cleaned right away.

Typically, creosote should not be thicket than ΒΌ inch. If it is, then it turns into a big hazard for your house. So, make sure that this is not the case otherwise you may end up into a big difficulty.


With that, make sure that you have set an appointment with chimney sweep services Ellicott City who will come and inspect your chimneys inside out. These professionals will make sure that there are really no gaps left so that the risk of a chimney fire can be minimized significantly. So, while you are at it, make sure that no compromises are being made on this.


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