Difference Between Car Window Tint Film Vs Tint Spray

High outside temperature in the summer season can cause the inside of your car to get significantly hotter as compared to the outside. An inexpensive way of keeping the inside is using either auto window tinting or tint spray as a solution. These can enhance the looks of your car, decrease the overall inside temperature and also keep it safe from UV rays.

Window Film Tints

Let’s first talk about Window Tints. Here are the things you should know about installing car windows tints.

They Can Do Wonders

Window film was once only considered as a cosmetic upgrade. But technology has come a long way, and these films are now used to keep the temperature inside your car down to a reasonable level. Properly installed high quality window films can keep your car’s interior mostly free from UV rays. This keeps the heat from entering inside your car. The main benefit of car window tints installation is that your car’s seats and other components can stay away from overheating and fading. This keeps your car looking like a new one for a longer period of time given that you got a good car window tinting job.

Tinted car windows do not break like normal glass windows in the event of a collision, so they can definitely keep the people inside safe from injuries caused by flying glass. Additionally, window tints can also make the inside of your car more private by making it difficult for the people outside to see into the car.

But Not All Tints Are Created Equal

This is one of the most well kept secrets of the car window tinting industry. The auto glass tints that a professional installs work differently than the tints that you can buy in a store or online and install by yourself. You can get commercial grade car window tints only through authorized retailers. These commercial grade window films last longer, provide more privacy and protection from UV rays and are easier to work with.

So, you should look at all the differences between a DIY car window tint and the one installed by a professional.

Spray Tints

If you are looking for the benefits of film window tint in your car without actually spending that much money on those expensive film tints, spray on windows are your best bet. This is usually a transparent coating of some material that provides you with the same benefits as film tints.

This spray tinting solution can also keep the UV rays out of your car, and keep the inside of your car cool.

The Benefit Of Spray Tinting Your Car

One obvious benefit of spray tints is that you can work with them easily, and the spray coat dries within one hour or so from the application time. But it is still better that you leave the car windows drying overnight for the best results. These sprays can be much cheaper as compared to the expensive alternative of film tints.

So, you can enjoy similar benefits in a less price by using a spray tint in the place of a film tint. It is also really easy to work with, and even a person with zero technical knowledge can seamlessly apply this onto the windows of his car. By choosing the transparent version, you can keep yourself safe from the local laws. Many states do not allow the usage of any material on the car windows which changes its color and transparency.

But Is It As Effective As Tint Films?

While many spray tint manufacturers have bold claims about their products, spray tinting is a usually less reliable and effective alternative as compared to film tints.

Many people choose them just because they are a less expensive alternative and there are some transparent options available as well that are approved by local laws in some areas. However, it would be unfair to say that they do not work at all, as they provide some degree of UV ray protection and help in keeping your car’s indoor space a bit cooler than the outside. In the areas where film tints are banned, these might be your only option. So, choose the right model to achieve the desired results and only go to reliable car window tinting shops Springfield for tints.


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