Soapstone Vs Marble Countertops

Soapstone and marble countertops are two of the most common types of countertops seen in kitchens. If you don’t want to invest in engineered stone countertops, your main choice are granite, marble and soapstone. To know which material between marble ad soapstone is better for your kitchen requirements, keep on reading.

Soapstone Countertops

Natural stones are very famous for kitchen countertops. Marble and soapstone are some of the many types of natural stones, which are used widely in kitchens.

First, let’s talk about soapstone.

Toughness of Soapstone

Soapstone might not sound like a durable and hard rock, because people associate it with soap, which is soft and crumbly. This is not true however. Soapstone is a very durable material and it is great for the rough work around the kitchen. Soapstone is an appreciably hard material and it is scratch resistant and spill-proof. It can last easily in your busy kitchen for years and it will not disappoint you.

Origin of Soapstone

Soapstone is originally a metamorphic rock. Metamorphic rocks are formed by the changes in the crystalline structure of an existing rock. Soapstone is formed by crystallization of minerals, under temperature and pressure. Soapstone looks like a light-colored stone, it has a milky appearance and it almost resembles the look of soap, having that signature sheen and lustrous appearance as that of a wet soap.

The soap-like appearance of soapstone countertops is due to the presence of talc. It is available in a wide variety of light colors, with diminished veining on it as well. The veining is not very distinct and sometimes, it looks invisible to the eye. The veining can only be seen in certain lights and orientation.

Cost of Soapstone

The cost of soapstone countertops is on level with any other natural stone. Since natural stones are exotic and are mined and manufactured hardly, they are also expensive. The same thing applies for soapstone. Soapstone ranges from anywhere in between $70 to $120 per square foot. This price will vary according to the size, thickness and quality of the kitchen countertop.

Are Soapstone Countertops Low Maintenance?

Soapstone is probably one of the few natural stone tops, which is non porous. All the natural stones are porous, which makes sealing the top surface with sealants necessary. Soapstone, on the other hand, doesn’t need any sealing as it is non-porous. Being non-porous, soapstone doesn’t let liquid settle on its surface and, therefore, there is very little damage to soapstone because of this quality.

Marble Countertops

Marble is one of the very common types of material used in kitchen countertops. Here are some things you need to know about marble countertops.

Toughness of Marble

Although, there is a misconception out there that marble is a weak natural stone, this is not all true. Marble is comparative in strength with granite. Although it is not as strong as granite, marble countertops last just as long as any other natural stone countertops, if maintained and looked after properly.

Cost of Marble

Marble is considered to be a luxurious and exotic stone. It is a very expensive stone and it looks extremely regal and royal. One square foot of marble will cost you anywhere between $85 to $130, with varying price in the thickness and design of marble.

Maintenance of Marble Countertops

Marble, as the name suggests, looks like a veined masterpiece. Marble countertops are available in a lot of colors, be it light or dark, the colors and patterns in veining are also endless. The veining can be smooth, crowded, regular or irregular, dark or light, etc. Talking about the maintenance of marble countertops, it is porous, and it must be sealed every so often to prevent spills and settlements into the stone.

Sealing can also prevent smudges and staining, as the design needs to be crystal clear always. Also, the cleaning of marble countertops is very easy. You can clean the countertops away with a wet washcloth and a cleaning solution. One thing that should be avoided on marble countertops is acid solutions. Acid will dissolve the natural stone and it will be ruined.

There you go! Now you know everything there is to soapstone and marble countertops. Now you can easily decide which countertop material you prefer. Just contact a granite contractor Rockville and choose your desired slab.


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