Is vaping healthy for you?

Vaping has had a lot of rise in popularity. Nowadays, teenagers use vapes quite often and commonly. However, doctors consider this to be no less than a big thread. According to some studies, up to 37% of high school students in the US use 510 threaded battery vapes. And it is spreading like an epidemic.

Based on other studies, more than 2.1 million students in high school have been vaping in the year 2018. And this number just increased significantly in 2020. According to some other studies, vaping can actually damage the lungs.

However, people still believe that vaping is healthier in comparison to cigarettes. Of course, this is partly and technically true. But the way it is often put, is quite misleading for the general public. This is because vaping is generally not healthy. But yes it contains lesser chemicals in comparison to traditional cigarettes, so it is safer. But it is definitely not healthy.

What are e-cigarettes and vapes?

E-cigarettes and vapes consist of a battery which powers up a heating coil. This heating coil then turns the e-juice into vapors, which a person inhales. These e-juices contain flavours and other components such as nicotine. However, all e-juices do not contain these components.

It is important to note that the type of e-juice also has a significant impact on the vaping. For instance, if a person is using e-juices with high nicotine content, then he/she is bound to get addicted to it.

This is because nicotine is one of the most addictive components out there. So, repeated nicotine usage is bound to leave a person craving for more. And due to this reason, new users of vapes often turn to traditional cigarettes. So in many cases, it works the opposite.

Rather than helping people quit smoking, vaping may actually make them start smoking or increase their smoking habits.

Is it healthy?

Simply put, vaping is not healthy at all. According to some experts, vaping can result in the development of various lung diseases. These are quite common among young and teens. Well, experts are currently not sure whether these diseases are caused by vapes alone or other factors combined with vaping.

However, the evidence is still there. It makes sense that vapes can damage your lungs, considering the fact that you are inhaling chemicals at the end of the day. Though, the studies related with the effect of vapes on the lungs and overall health are still very limited. It may also result inĀ weight gain

So, it is too soon to decide the impact that vaping can have on the health and the lungs. But the outlook certainly does not look so great. This is why experts suggest young people stay away from vapes. It is not a healthy habit at all.

Who should use vapes?

But again, vapes have helped a large number of smokers in quitting smoking. So in a way, there is a positive aspect associated with vaping devices too. Only consider using vapes as a supplementary tool to quit smoking.

Make sure that you continue to gradually reduce the level of nicotine in the e-juice in order to get over your nicotine addiction. You can always rewire your brain. So, do not think that you will never be able to get over your nicotine addiction. It is certainly very much possible.


So, vaping is not healthy at all. However, in certain instances, vapes can be quite beneficial, such as for people who want to quit smoking. After all, vapes with 510 thread batteries are indeed safer in comparison to regular cigarettes that contain a higher number of cancer causing chemicals.


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