What aspects of countertops should you consider?

Building a new custom home is not easy. A part of this entire process involves the selection of the right material for countertops such as quartz countertops and its design. Among the different rooms in your house, the kitchen is extremely important. This is because it is a highly versatile area where families conduct various activities. When you are selecting a countertop for your kitchen, it is extremely important to choose the perfect material. In this regard, countertops can feel very intimidating.

However, worry not because we are here to guide you. Before actually choosing countertops, it is very important to understand various aspects of kitchen countertops. This will help you in making the right decisions.

Various aspects of countertops that you should consider

Before you make a big decision, check different material samples that include ceramics, wood, plastic laminate, and quartz. Nowadays, a big number of people prefer to use solid surface countertops because of their unmatched look and feel.

In this article, we put together a number of considerations that you need to make before buying countertops for your kitchen. These include:

The overall look and feel

Humans are considered to be visual beings. This means that things that look and feel good naturally tend to fascinate us. Where on one hand, quartz has a very good texture with a nice surface, granite countertops looks very chic. Moreover, both of these materials come in a wide range of tones of black, blue brown, and even red.

So, when you are deciding between granite and quartz, it is important to know that quartz is a stone that is manufactured. Where on the other hand, granite exists naturally. In comparison, quartz does not come in its original form. Rather it comes as a man-made resin.

The durability

Both quartz and granite have different characteristics when it comes to durability. This is the prime reason why some people prefer granite over quartz, while others prefer vice versa. As far as durability goes, granite takes the lead without a doubt. At the same time, Granite is also resistant to germs, scratches, and heat. However, granite is susceptible to cracking over-time, which can look very ugly.

The maintenance

Maintenance is the significant difference between both of these materials. When it comes to quartz and granite, maintenance should be considered as a major factor.

Where on one hand granite is porous, quartz is non-porous. Hence, quartz does not require sealing whereas granite requires regular sealing. This means that quartz is far easier to manage and maintain as compared to granite.

In case you do not seal granite, chances are that it will take in bacteria and oil build-up. Ultimately, this will ruin its entire texture and the stains will become permanent. So, once the entire look of granite is ruined, there is literally no going back. In this regard, quartz takes the lead. Nevertheless, quartz cannot really compete with granite countertops when it comes to appearance. In that sense, granite is the best material!

Ending note

In case the above article is too long for you, we will conclude it in two to three sentence. Simply put, when you are buying either granite countertops or quartz kitchen countertops Rockville, durability is a big factor. Other factors to consider include the overall look, the maintenance aspect of the countertops, their overall cost, any repair costs, and their life. While granite countertops can last for years to come (if they are maintained properly), quartz countertops may not last that long. Though granite countertops, despite being more durable, are susceptible to cracking. So watch out for that. By taking care of your countertops regardless of the material, you will be able to maximize their life.


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