Why software jobs are considered as the best career option of the present day

Many people who start their career as program developers are considered as the lucky persons who have become successful in their search for the best career.  They are getting good pay and perks and they are getting more benefits like better living conditions and service conditions. So software development job has become the dream of the youngsters.  In this article I am going to examine the important plus points that are accompanying software development jobs so that those who run after software jobs will be happy to know the real facts behind this new found enthusiasm.

Creative job

Most people think writing, sculpturing and similar activities as creative. They do not understand or include software development in the group of creative jobs. All people who plan to start their career as a software developer need to understand the creative element in computer programming. Software development is creative in the sense that when you make a program for some purpose, you are creating a new functionality which was not in existence before. Of course there will be some trade-off with memory usage versus the speed of the program. Another important aspect is that the program has to be completely free from even minor errors lest it can create serious problems while implementing the program.  These two aspects are ample proof for the creativity in computer programming.

It is a collaborative job

There is a myth about software development that the programs are made by the software engineer sitting alone before his computer and coding all day using his brain. This myth is not true. Software making has been considered as a team work in which the entire application is split into different modules and the different modules are created by different persons or different group of persons and in the end they are all integrated together to complete the software. The programming problems are often discussed in the relevant groups and the issues are solved with the help of product managers, customers and testers. There is another practising known as pair programming in which two developers share one computer for programming together.

In demand

More and more portions of human life are progressively coming under the influence of computer programs as the government offices and other areas are coming under the coverage of computers and as online sales are becoming the vogue of the day. The constant demand for computer programmersare surpassing the supply. Finding good program developers are the greatest challenge of these days and this further increases the importance and acceptability of computer programmers. In no other profession you can see the employer running after the workers for getting them recruited to their companies.

Well paid job: The computer programs created by the developers create a lot of value to the purpose for which it was created. Once the program is created it can be copied to any number of computers very easily without spending even a single dollar. This combined effect of software makes the demand for good programmers very high and huge perks are being offered to proficient computer programmers. There may be many occupations in which better salary are available, but nowhere one will be able to see so sudden growth in income and acceptance.

Future proof

Developed software is a valuable product. In the present world, one can see that many jobs have vanished after the computer hardware and software started to rule the arena. New programs have taken charge of the previous situations and are ruling the world now.  This scenario has made the computer programming professionals the most wanted and the most secured employees of the present day and in the nearby future too. No computer programmer has been reported till date of facing any lay off or other retrenching problems.


It has become a common practise now to outsource the program developing and similar works to other countries where the salaries are less. This idea has been found to be an idea in theory only and not in practise to a good extent. Outsourcing of software job is in practise to a limited extent only. It creates possibilities in the new country. Still there is demand for local developers as the software companies are willing to pay them even if it is higher rate as the demand is very urgent and paying t little extra is not a matter of concern for the companies.


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