What Are The Best Productivity Tips For Event Planners?

Event planning may sound fun and games, but it can be a mean feat, especially if you’re not motivated enough. You have to work with a wide range of people from the event holders to event rentals, this is why you must find ways to boost your productivity. Here are some tips to employ your best at the job.

Plan Out Your Day

Numbers have proven that if you plan out your day beforehand, you have a better chance of doing everything efficiently and quickly. This tip is perfect for busy event planners because they tend to have a lot of workload and if there isn’t a specific plan, then things can slip off their minds and they can’t deal with the load of things bearing on their time and schedule.

This is why planning out your day as an event planner is really important. You’ll be surprised at how smoothly the day goes and you’ll get things done quickly and easily. So, get your head in the game, make a clear goal for the day, and conquer everything on the to-do list, and you’ll be done in no time.

Incorporate Technology

Some people are pen-and-paper planners and some rely on technology. No matter what type of planner you are, you want to incorporate technology in the event planning phase of things, because technology will make you more efficient and you won’t have to rely on your brain power to remember things.

Once you use advanced project management tools, you will be reminded of each task, you can customize your event planning checklist, and overall, things are just a breeze for you, so even if you forget something, then don’t worry, because technology has you covered from all sides. See? Technology isn’t so bad after all.

Take Tasks One At A Time

You might be tempted to do all of the things at once, especially if you’re crunching a close coming deadline, but that’s not the best thing to do when you already have a pile of things looming over your head. This is why focusing on one thing at a time will help you a lot. You want to make a to-do list first because you will forget things, even if you think that your brain will remember them.

After creating the list, tackle one thing at a time. In this way, you’re going at it in an organized way and you will be done quickly as compared to when you’re multitasking. Multi-tasking is great and all, but for event planners, whose work relies on being productive, multi-tasking will burn you out, one way or the other. So, taking things one at a time is the way to go.

Respect Is Everything

If you want to succeed in the productivity game, it never hurts to seek help from those who master in your field. Remember, it’s not a good notion to think that you’re above everyone else. As a human, it’s natural to make mistakes and keep learning, so treat everyone, no matter if they’re above or below you, in the job rank, with respect.

When you do, you will see a complete shift in your perspective and sometimes, that is exactly what you need to combat being in a rut and getting productive again.

Prioritize Your List

This is kind of like taking things one at a time, but instead of going in order, you have to focus on things that are the most urgent and important. This trick helps people, almost 9 times out of 10, to boost motivation and get things done.

So, for instance, if there’s an event that is in its last stages of planning, you need to focus on finishing that first, before tackling another task. Making a to-do list is one thing, but prioritizing tasks according to importance and urgency is another debacle that you need to take care of.

Distribute The Workload

You’re not just a solo event planner. You have a team of people that you can work with and delegate tasks if you feel like everything is too much for you. This is where you need to step up as a leader and think about the qualities of your team members as a whole.

Some people are great at planning things, while some have a creative eye for detail. You can’t expect yourself to do everything on your own, so make sure that you’re asking your team for help because that will get everything done way faster and efficiently.

When hiring third-parties, look for expertise. For instance, if you’re planning a corporate event, look for corporate tent rentals Rockland NY.

Stick To Deadlines

Deadlines are made for a reason. It’s human nature to leave everything for the last minute, but they tend to not fret over it until a deadline is looming over their head. So, to work proactively throughout the timeline, you want to keep the deadline in mind.

The deadline, believe it or not, will serve as a motivation-boosting factor and any event planner will understand the need to meet deadlines with efficiency. So, always take deadlines seriously and try not to go over the set time, because it won’t leave a good impression.

Have Contingency Plans

As an event planner, you know there can be things that can go wrong, even in virtual events. Life isn’t ideal and not everyone works at the same pace as you, so you might face some major roadblocks along the way. This is why having backup plans is super important.

Think of it as your safety net and a motivation booster, so that if things don’t go your way, you can take another route and work on the task at hand without wasting a lot of time. You will be surprised at how backup plans will be there to save you and motivate you to go farther.


As an event planner, it’s your job to take feedback from clients. Now, this can be daunting, especially if you aren’t someone who is comfortable with being criticized, but this is important in molding yourself as a better person in the corporate world. You want to check in with your clients and ask them questions about the previous event and your services.

This can act as a motivation booster for you, oftentimes than not, and you strive to perform better in the future. If you get a good review, then it’s likely to increase your productivity. It’s like being praised in class. The feeling is exhilarating.

Keep An Eye On The Budget

You can’t forget about the budget you’re working with. Your adaptability to work with ridiculously high and low budgets will speak volumes about your work, and therefore your productivity, so even if you think that this tip isn’t related to motivation, you would be wrong.

When going over events and planning for them, a budget is the most important thing to go over, so always keep an eye on it and don’t let yourself, or anything else, for that matter, teeter from the designated path.


Productivity equals better work and performance at work and for event planning, you need to bag all of those best performance boosts. Make sure to hire a stellar team and work with reliable vendors and party rentals Rockland NY.


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