How To Make Synthetic Hair Extensions Look Natural

Synthetic hair extensions have plastic fiber in them that makes them look shinier. And that is the reason why synthetic hair extensions appear more glossy and silky than human hair extensions. All of this adds a fake element to synthetic hair extensions. That is why when people go to salons that do hair extensions, they ask for human hair extensions.

But if you can’t afford to buy human hair extensions. Don’t worry. We’ll cover for you. Here’s a complete guide on how you can make synthetic hair extensions look natural.

Always Buy From A Brand

Synthetic hair extensions cost less as compared to human hair extensions. So you can buy these extensions from your professional stylist or some good name brand at a competitive price.

Do not go cheaper than this. Or else you’ll get your hair damaged, and yourself embarrassed with looks and whispers over your extra shiny extensions.

How will it work?

Branded hair extensions are of high quality and made of some good plastic fiber.

So, they appear more natural than shiny. Also, they last longer, and you can style them in whatever way you want.

Choose The One That Fits Your Style

For synthetic hair extensions, buy a shade lighter than your natural hair or something similar. It is better not to get the exact same color because synthetic hair extensions, to some extent, will always have an element of shine. Therefore, choosing a lighter tone will help you blend your hair seamlessly with extensions.

Choose Right Type Of Hair Extensions

Well, you may think you have hundreds of choices to choose from, and you can choose according to your requirement and budget. But, that’s not the case. You can’t have hair extensions perfectly fit in unless it’s a miracle.

It takes practice if you’re doing it on your own. Also, you learn with time what hair extensions are made for your hair and your scalp type.

To know your type for hair extensions immediately, you can also take advice from your hairstylist. Tell them what you need and for how long, they’ll help you choose the best. For instance, clip-in hair extensions work well for some of you, and others go with tape-in hair extensions. Keep in mind that the right extensions will only look natural, either human or synthetic hair extensions.

If There’s Shine, How Can You Get Rid Of It?

There are many ways to get rid of the unnatural, extra shine of your synthetic hair extensions. Some of them are mentioned here in the article:

Use Baby Powder

A quick way to get rid of the extra shine on your synthetic extensions is the baby powder.

Divide your hair into two parts and sprinkle the powder equally on each side.

It is better to put in more powder than less. You can brush off or simply shake off the excess powder later. But, putting little to no powder will show no results. Also, you need to do this step every day if you’re going to wear the extensions every day.

With that said, you can also use loose powder in place of baby powder, but that’s more expensive than baby powder.

Tip: Use a plastic bristle brush to brush off the powder because it’ll cake up on the boar bristle brush.

Use Fabric Softener And Water

This method is a great way to dull the shine permanently. All you need to do is wash your synthetic hair extensions in a tub with water and a fabric softener. Make sure you don’t rub the extensions too aggressively. Just do it softly, and you’re good to go.

Curl Them

This is what I heard from many clients that straight extensions appear shinier than curly ones. So, if you’re not liking the fake shine on your synthetic hair extensions. Then, curl them. Easy!

The curl is supposed to get the attention diverted towards it. Also, it smoothes the glossy hair shine a little making it look like you might have sprayed something for curls to stay.

Wash Your Extensions Often

Whatever it is in the synthetic extensions that make them look fake and shiny. It probably will go away with 2-3 washes.

So, if you want to dull the shine, put your extension in a water tub and wash them with shampoo. Also, this way, your extensions will get straight and silky with all the tangles removed. You can also get more tips from hair extensions salons Potomac about how to wear synthetic hair extensions naturally.


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