Definitive Event Planning Checklist You Should Follow

You have to tick so many check-marks in order to plan and execute an event like selecting a venue, hiring event party rentals and finding caterers. It is incumbent on you to be planning and plotting things according to how you want to see it.

A Couple of Weeks Beforehand

Events do not get planned overnight, you got to plan it and plan it well. So, take your time and plan this multi-layered task painstakingly.

Finalize a Theme

Setting a theme is an utmost important thing in terms of planning an event. For instance, a wedding and a birthday cannot be planned alike, both are poles apart. Every single event has a unique ethos, a distinguished sense of joy. People coming to be part of your event should be knowing the sort of event they are heading towards.

Finalize a Date

Deciding on a date is one of the most crucial things. The people you are inviting to your event would have to take time out from their busy routine to be there. Therefore, you should finalize a date that is feasible for you and your guests.

Finalize a Budget

Nothing is possible sans money; money does all the good eventually. Therefore, you need to review how deep your pockets are. Everything related to the event relies on your budget, so you have to design your budget very vigilantly.

Finalize a Venue

Deciding on the venue is one of the most important parts of throwing a party. The place where you would be managing all your affairs on this very important day has to look enticing every which way, and it should also fit your budget.

Finalize the Dress Code

The dress code and the theme often go hand in hand; they are never worlds apart. Decide an apt dress code that perfectly blends with the theme of your event, and let your guests know about it beforehand.

Call the Caterer and Party Rentals

People may forget everything else but they never tend to forget the scrumptious food they eat at an event. Food is the heart and soul of almost all events, hence, it cannot be neglected. Try and arrange a magnificent catering service with trained staff for your event. Same is the case with event decor and arrangements, which can be done with the help of a good party rental service.

Ensure Entertainment at Your Event

People do not come to enjoy food at any special event, because the city has got a number of restaurants serving delicious food. If your guests are attending your event leaving their things behind, they are expecting to be captivated and entertained.

A Couple of Days In Advance

Organize a Floor Plan

Since everything is gonna go super organized, you should not let go of even the teeny-weeny things. Right before a week, you should talk to an architect and give him a floor plan to work on. The space your event is likely to occupy has to look well-ordered.

Send Out Invitations

And, do not forget the main part — sending the business invitations right away. Enlighten the people about the up and coming event of yours a couple of days in advance, and let them reschedule their routine for that particular day. Some people prefer notifying their guests before 24 hours which is a very unethical thing; do not expect a flood of guests to cherish your special day if you are not pursuing them at least one week beforehand.

Double-Check All the Settings

Now that you see everything falling in the right places, you must review everything once and for all. Make sure that nothing has been missed out on.

A Day or Two After the Event

Send Out Thank You Emails

After managing a successful event, you should not forget to be grateful to all those who made it a remarkable one. Write a couple of emails to people who worked for you that day, and also do not forget to write to your guests who became the attendees.

Let the World Know You Had an Awesome Day

You had a blast, and that is why you are excited to share your happiness with the world. The photos you have taken speak volumes about your ecstasy, do not hesitate to show them off to the world out there.

Respond To the Feedback

People who came and attended the event must have formed an opinion about it; if you receive messages and emails from people, you should not turn a deaf ear to it, instead you should text them back and take all sorts of criticism in your stride.

That’s it. So, start checking the items in the list. Moreover, when you hire caterers and corporate tent rentals Rockland NY, make sure to discuss costs before making a deal.



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