10 Frequently Asked Questions About Walk-In Coolers/Refrigerators

You may have some questions regarding walk-in refrigerators and walk in cooler repair. The most frequently asked questions are listed below and with guidance so that you can learn more about these.

What Size Walk-In Cooler Should I Get?

Usually, a walk-in cooler with one cubic feet of storage is considered standard for use at home. It will be sufficient for your needs as well as to store food on a daily basis. However, for commercial usage, you will have to get a cooler with 1.5 cubic feet of storage in order to meet the needs or demands of your restaurant. You also need to consider the cost factor while choosing the walk-in cooler because bigger cooler means more monthly expenses.

Is There Any Need for The Cooler?

According to the experts, you should get a floor and insulation barrier for the coolers. There is no denying that you can use them on the ground but it has serious issues and flaws. During the more humid days, there will be problems for you. Moreover, for freezers floors or insulated frames are required.

How Can the Costs of a Walk-In Cooler Be Kept Lower?

Many people do not know that they can actually reduce the cost of their walk-in coolers if they take care of a few important things. It is advised that you should get a cooler with standard extruded polystyrene insulation which comes in handy to reduce the cost. Moreover, regular maintenance and repair is also needed in order to reduce the cost of your coolers.

What About Wood in Walk-In Coolers?

Some people are confused whether they should go for wood with a walk-in cooler or refrigerator. Ideally, wood is never a good insulator. Therefore, it is recommended to not use wood as a floor or for insulation purposes. Furthermore, if you live in areas where temperature remains low, you should avoid wood because it is not suitable for damp regions.

What Is the Good R Value?

Before we talk about what R value is good, it is important to understand what it really is. R value means the resistance to heat flow. If a cooler has more R value, it means it has better resistance or insulation which is really good. However, the R value depends on the type of insulation, wetness as well as the age of insulation. You should seek help from a professional in this regard because the companies manufacturing appliances manipulate R value.

How Many Types of Walk-In Coolers Are There?

There are basically three different kinds of walk-ins. First are those which are used just for cooling. Second type is effective for freezing purposes. Third is one which has both the options; cooling and freezing. You can choose any walk-in depending upon your needs and what you are looking for.

What Are Some of The Standard Features in A Walk-In Cooler?

When it comes to the features of a walk-in cooler, there are numerous. In a standard walk-in you will find, left or right hinged door, dead-bolt locking handles, inside door releases, and reinforced door frames with heavy duty hinges. With these features, you can have a perfect walk-in cooler.

What Customization or Add-On Features Are Available?

There are a good number of options when it comes to add-ons for walk-in freezers. You will have enough options in this regard. Furthermore, the experts advise to always get some customization features so that you can use the coolers with ease and get the most out of them. Some of these include roof and floor treatments, panel finishes, wall protectors, view windows, light management and others.

What to Look for In A Good Quality Walk-In Cooler?

Ideally speaking, you should not always choose low cost coolers. They can increase energy bills. A cooler with LED lighting, high R value, and standard size will be a decent option for your commercial as well as personal use.

Can a Walk-In Cooler Be Built at Home?

Building a walk-in cooler at home is a great idea. But most experts are not in its favor. You will make mistakes, ignore the safety and health standards, follow wrong installation steps and all this can lead to fine from the health authorities.

As an end note, get the best commercial refrigerator services Alexandria to keep your walk-in cooler working for years to come.


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