Should you get your car’s windows tinted?

Car window tinting is a process in which a very thin laminate film is applied to the glass on a vehicle. This darkens the glass. There are countless reasons why people get their windows tinted. While some do it for their photosensitive eyes, others do it primarily for the aesthetic value. At the same time, some people get their windows tinted for security and privacy purposes. Whatever your reasons are, it is important to read up what your local city laws say about window tinting. In this regard, local window tint shops may also be able to guide you.

Is it a good idea to get your windows tinted?

In this article, we explore whether it is a good idea to get your car window’s tinted. Below, we list down the possible benefits of tinted windows. These include:

Protection from UV rays

Some amount of UV radiation gets blocked from the standard glass in a car. However, a window tint if applied correctly, can further reduce harmful UV rays in a car. Furthermore, this also prevents the interior of the car which includes the dashboard, carpet, and upholstery. Otherwise, they may start to fade over a period of time due to sunlight exposure.

However, the amount of light that enters the car due to a window tint varies. This entirely depends on the type of the tint and the intensity of thickness. A thinner film will allow more UV Radiation whereas a darker film may reflect off a big portion of it.

As far as the level of darkness that is allowed, there are different laws and regulations in different states. The amount of light that passes through tinted windows is referred to as variable light transmission (VLT). As far as the VLT percentage goes, every state has a different set of rules. Hence, it is very important to check the local laws before getting your windows tinted. Otherwise, you may run into legal trouble.

It gives you some privacy

Many of us are very awkward about running into the people we know on traffic signals. However, once you have had eye contact with someone on a red-light, it is quite rude to look away. Then follow a series of awkward hand waves and flying kisses. Well, you may be able to avoid such awkward interactions in case your car’s windows are tinted.

Due to tinted windows, chances are that no one will recognize you on the streets (unless of course, they are close enough to peek inside). However, since full-tint is not allowed for security purposes, you will have to stay within the VLT percentage that is allowed in your region.

However, you cannot get a window tint on a rented car or motorhome (even if it is for privacy purposes.

It increases the aesthetic value of the car

Yes, indeed! Window tints greatly enhance your car’s aesthetic value. They make your car look like a VIP amidst the other regular windowed cars. However, there comes a price! In case you have tinted windows, you may have to stop frequently at security check-posts especially in a high-security zone.

Hence if you choose to get your windows tinted, you must have the patience to deal with that. Also, ask yourself if a high-quality window tint for $500+ is worth all the hassle that you might face.

In case you think that it is indeed worth it, we say go for it!

Ending note

Window tints do look really cool. Regardless of your car’s model, window tints will automatically make a car look like an expensive one. Furthermore, it also prevents you from UV rays while keeping your privacy intact. However, you must follow the local laws!

Furthermore, if you decide to get your windows tinted, always go for a high-quality job for the best finishing. In this regard, voice your concerns at your local car window tinting shop Springfield.



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