Does Hair Transplantation Works

Hair transplants with every passing day is experiencing a growing need. Balding and hair thinning being one of the primary reasons. According to hair restoration clinics, the process involves taking hair from thicker body parts and grafting to the section which is balding or thinning. Let us discuss some basic knowledge about hair transplants to decide whether you should be getting one.

Do They Even Work?

This is the first question that people ask from hair transplant experts before the procedure, “are there any side effects?” Hair transplants have proven to be more effective and successful as compared to restoration products found over the counter. There are certain things that you need to consider about hair transplants.

  • The chances of hair growing back will be 10% to 80%, within a time period of two to four months.
  • Just as your regular hair, the transplanted hair will also get thin over time.
  • People having hair follicles that are dormant, might have less chances of successful hair transplants, but the introduction of plasma therapy has improved the chances.

In addition to the above mentioned factors, hair transplants simply do not tend to work for everyone. They are mainly sought if you have lost your hair due to an injury or for restoring hair. Hair transplants might not be effective on people with.

  • Hair loss due to medications etc.
  • Scars from injuries.
  • Baldness thinning which is widespread

The Cost

Now comes the real question for a lot of people. Let us inform you straight. Hair transplants can cost your around $3,500 to $20,000 and that too, per session. The cost of the hair transplant depends on a number of reasons, such as.

  • Technique chosen
  • Surgeon experience
  • Duration of the procedure

How Does Hair Transplantation Works?

As already mentioned, the hair transplant process simply involves taking hair from the parts of the body that are thicker and grafting them where needed. The two most common processes that are used are known as Follicular unit extraction (FUE) and Follicular unit transplantation (FUT). Let us discuss FUE first.

Follicular Unit Extraction

To perform Follicular Unit Extraction, the surgeon practices these steps.

  1. Shaving hair on the back of your head
  2. Follicles are removed individually and you can see the marks as well
  3. The procedure requires the surgeon to graft hair in small holes in the scalp
  4. The treated area is then covered with bandages etc.

Follicular Unit Transplantation

The following steps are followed by the surgeon to perform this procedure.

  1. The surgeon will remove a strip from your scalp using a scalpel, usually from the back of the head.
  2. The area is closed by stitching
  3. The strip is then cut into numerous small pieces known as grafts.
  4. Small holes are made in your scalp for grafting hair
  5. Hair taken from grafts are then planted into holes that have been punctured.
  6. The area then is covered by bandages etc.

How many grafts you will receive, will depend on

  • Hair type
  • Area of transplant
  • Hair quality
  • Hair color

Recovery Process

The duration of hair transplant procedure will vary from surgeon to surgeon and, of course, the factors mentioned above. It takes several hours to complete and months for the hair to grow. However, you are allowed to go home the same day. A routine checkup will involve the surgeon removing the bandages to take a look at the progress and might inject triamcinolone to ease the swelling. It is possible that you experience a bit of pain and soreness in the area which was treated and over the time the surgeon will prescribe the following things.

  • Medications for pain
  • Antibiotics
  • Anti-inflammatories
  • Medications for hair growth stimulation

Reasons to Get Hair Transplant

Apart from baldness, thinning hair, and receding hairline being the primary reasons for getting hair transplants, there are some others as well that attract people in the first place.

No Side Effects

There are almost no major side effects, if the instructions of the doctor/surgeon are followed properly.

Not That Expensive

You might have thought that a hair transplant will rob you off your earnings, but it won’t. Depending on a variety of reasons, hair transplant costs vary and you might get lucky in your case

It Gives You Confidence

This is something that hair transplant doctors will also tell you. Since the procedures are simple, getting bald might not scare anyone that much nowadays, only if it doesn’t cost $10,000 per session. But the confidence that you will gain in return is said to be priceless, no?


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