How To Train Your Restaurant Staff

Restaurant business looks very attractive to start as it offers a great deal of revenue but only if it gets successful. There are some risks associated with this business when hiring the staff so you need to make sure you have trained them enough to make your business successful. From small things like taking care of ice cream freezer repair process to obvious things like how to deal with customers, they need training to perform better. Here is how to do it.


This is the main factor that holds a great importance in restaurant business as it involves direct dealing with customers. Being hospital with your customers and greeting them as soon as they enter your restaurant makes them feel happy about their visit plus it also convinces them to visit your restaurant again. And of course, hospitality is another form of giving respect and importance to your customers so you have to make sure that this factor has to be there in your staff.

Internal Communication Training

You staff has to be synced with each other so your customers get smooth delivery of their orders and services. Internal communication has to be very strong and efficient as restaurant business includes number of activities before the customers get their orders or delivery so all those activities have to be synchronized in order to get your customers exactly what they want. This is not only for their food order expectation but also the delivery of your service plus the way your staff deals with them. Encourage them to have strong communication and planning every time a customer places an order.

Guiding Customers About Menu in Detail

Another important point is to guide your customers about the foods you have to offer them. Often times, menu cards cannot show the complete detail of any food and they get puzzled about what to offer. Here, you need to make sure that your staff is trained enough to guide your customers about every item mentioned in your menu card. Also, teach them to guide in a tempting way which makes your customers get excited about their food.

Training for ServingĀ Etiquette

Serving Etiquette is a basic factor that has to be taught to your staff as a first thing before letting them start their job and facing your customers. It is very much possible that your customers may visit you again just because they get impressed by the way they were served. For instance, you may teach them to decorate the serving dish a bit and offer them to customers with a smile on their face. And also, you may train them some unique ways to serve the food like the fire on any barbeque dish or ketchup art on serving plates.

Give Them a Feel of Recognition

Recognition and appreciation are also a part of training your staff as this makes them feel motivated. Appreciating them when they have done something good or when you get a good feedback about them from any customers will make them feel happy about their job and also motivate them to even perform better. Also, doing that in front of your whole staff would make them feel recognized among everyone and ultimately convince them to perform very good every time.

Teaching DressingĀ Etiquette

This is yet another important thing which attract customers as they get the feel that they have visited a good place having professional people around them. Professionalism obviously is a thing which always attracts customers as well as your staff who feels important being a part of such system. You can train them about dress codes for males and females or you can also opt for uniforms for all staff members. Getting uniforms is definitely a better option as it equalizes every member of your team; however, you can put some changes in logo or ranks of uniform as per your staff hierarchy.

Test Them

Once the training and orientation part of your staff is completed, do not forget to test them about how much they have gained from the training. This could be done by sending a new customer intentionally and observe them from behind how do they treat them. This can be good experience for them as well plus you would also get to know if you missed some important points to teach them. This testing phase can be a two way learning experience for you and your staff so try to gain from it as much as you can.

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