How Do I Make My Keratin Treatment Last Longer

We have all had bad hair days where our hair resists every attempt we make in controlling them. To ease our souls, hair experts have come up with a revolutionized treatment that spares us from bad hair days, for a limited time though. This revolutionary treatment is keratin treatment by hair stylist.

Keratin is a protein found in hair naturally but over the course of time, aging, pollution, and chemicals act to wear out the natural keratin making our hair dull and brassy. This induces unnecessary frizz in the hair making them unmanageable.

When you visit a salon for keratin treatment your stylist will wash your hair and either dry it or treat it when they are slightly damp. Next, a keratin serum is applied to hair which is left to set in your hair shafts. Each portion of your hair is treated separately to ensure maximum coverage. Then your hair will be rinsed. After that, a hot ceramic iron will be used to straighten your hair and the entire process will be sealed with a neutralizer. The neutralizer is to be left in your hair for a maximum of three days though some treatments call for a shorter leaving time, depending on the treatment you are opting for.

Aftercare For Keratin Treatment

The aftercare is essentially important because during this time you will decide whether you want to wash the whole stuff off or keep it in for a handsome six months.

  • You are not allowed to wash your hair for three consecutive days. No contact with water at any cost.
  • Avoid pools. The chlorine present will wash off your entire keratin, also stripping it off its natural moisture.
  • Avoid the beach because the salt present in beach water will play equal havoc with your newly keratin-treated hair.
  • Don’t hit the gym for three days. Any activity that results in sweating profusely, you should stay away from it. The sweat will disturb the setting process of keratin in your hair.
  • Avoid sulfate shampoos. Sulfate shampoos impart a sleek touch to your hair but in reality, they strip your hair’s natural moisture and oils. After a keratin treatment avoid them like the plague.
  • Don’t tie, clip, or braid your freshly keratin treated hair. Doing so will leave dents or creases in your hair that will persist for the whole period in your hair.

How To Make Your Keratin Treatment Last Longer?

Here’s the answer to this million-dollar question. You want to by all means preserve this look for which you’ve spent hundreds in the salon along with time and patience.

Invest In Keratin Shampoo And Conditioners

After having a fresh keratin hair treatment, say goodbye to your old shampoo and conditioner. You might feel that the sole purpose of shampoo and conditioner is to clean and hydrate your hair respectively, so why switch? The answer is shampoos and conditioners play a role further beyond that.

By switching to keratin-based shampoo and conditioner, you are allowing the keratin treatment to stay longer in your hair, decreasing the chances of early stripping of keratin.

Invest In Dry Shampoos

Dry shampoos are a good alternative to regular shampoos. Normal shampoos no matter how mild they are clarify your pores. This action is harmful to your keratin-treated hair. The keratin should stay in your hair and dry shampoo will aid in maintaining it.

Use Keratin-Based Hair Masks

When you are feeling the effects of keratin treatment are washing away, apply hair masks twice a week to delay the process of keratin leaving your hair. These hair masks lock in the moisture and make your hair shine and remain smooth for longer.

Avoid Beach And Pool Water

As for aftercare, you stood away from the beach and pool water but after the initial three days, make it a point to stay away from both. This is particularly difficult if you are a swimmer but to maintain the sleekness of your keratin treatment you have to swallow the bitter pill. Great things don’t come easy, do they? Even if you get in contact, wash off with clean water ASAP.

So fellows, here we had all the relevant details on how to make your keratin treatment last longer. Choose a keratin treatments salon carefully and then care for your hair. Hypno


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