How To Polish Granite Countertops

Granite is one of the most popular and commonly used countertop materials. It is loved by people and those who love to add a little character to their kitchen opt for granite kitchen countertops. Here are some easy ways by which you can polish these countertops so that they last for longer.

Clean The Countertops First

Before you even think about polishing your countertops, the most important thing to do is to clean your countertops properly. Cleaning your countertops is a very important step in which you ensure that the polish will adhere better to a clean and smooth surface. The first thing to do is to determine how dirty your countertops are. You can either clean them with a simple soap and water solution and use a washcloth to gently wipe down your surfaces.

If your countertops have tough stains or dried up spills, then you need to take the cleaning up a notch. You will need special granite countertop cleaners for cleaning harsh and tough stains. Special cleaners are needed because granite cannot endure any sort of abrasive chemical or acid on its surface. It will disintegrate very quickly and it will lead to formation of large holes on the surface of the countertop.

For dried food stains, you can use a plastic scraper and scrape off the dried remnants of food or any other spills which have solidified after some time. Remember that you cannot use metal scrapers on granite countertops because it will damage the stone.

Buying The Right Polish For Your Countertops

You might think all of the polishes present in the store are the same. Well, this is not exactly true. There are different polishes for different finishes, different rocks and different purposes. For granite, you can use a polish which doesn’t have any sort of acid in it. It will damage the rock strength and it might ruin the look of granite, overall.

There are also wet and dry polishes available for granite as well. Wet polish is a pretty standard polish which has the consistency of runny lotion. It is easy to use and you don’t need a lot of special tools or adhesives to bind the polish to your countertops. Dry polishes for countertops are powdered substances which can be applied directly on the surface of granite mixed with a binding agent. Dry polishes add an extra dimension of shine and protection to your countertops.

Application Of The Polish

The most important part is the application of the polish. You need to be very patient in this process since it is very easy to mess up. Read the instruction manual before and get all the details right. Usually, it’s best to start in small increments and work your way up in thin layers. Once one layer is applied, you have to wait for the designated time. After the time is up, you can see where you missed a spot and you can go over that area again with another thin layer of polish.

Using Tools For Polishing

Usually, wet polishes are applied with either a dense brush or a sponge. You can also use a non-absorbent paper to apply the polish to prevent wasting. If you have some command over polishing tools, then you can go to town with power tools and buffer brushes. These tools are faster and give a nice result, but you need to know how to handle these tools before using them, otherwise the results can be quite the contrary of good.

Finishing Touches

If your countertop looks dull after being polished, then you can save the day by applying a fresh coat of sealant. Sealants are important in granite since this is a natural stone and it is quite porous, so you need to close the pores of the rock with a sealant to make it waterproof. The application of sealant after polishing will make a huge difference in making your countertops look shiny and brand new.

Polishing granite countertops is great because it helps to maintain their luster and shine and it also provides a little bit of extra protection against stains and scratches. For better polishing of your kitchen countertops, have a granite countertop installer Durham NC polish your natural stone counters.


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