DIY solutions for some of the most common freezer problems

Sometimes you may feel that your frozen food has lost its chill.  At other times you may notice that your freezer is making some moaning or groaning sound. When these problems are noticed, one often feels that it is the time to call for technician from commercial ice maker repair services or similar other services. Before resorting to the help of such professionals it is better if you can try your hands in a smaller way and solve the problems noticed. In this article, I am going to give some tips regarding how to manage some common problems experienced by the home users of freezers.

Commercial refrigerator repair

Most common reason for the noises from the freezer can be connected with the evaporator fan motor.  Noises can also be created by the following causes.

  • When the appliance goes through defrost cycle, sizzling sounds can be heard
  • Clicking sound will be produced by the ice maker when it produces ice
  • When water drains from the coil during defrost, it can produce gurgling sound
  • When the fan ramps to high speed, a swishing sound will be produced

When dealing with sound problems of a freezer one should consider whether there are any other issues also. It includes questions like whether the ice maker is working, whether the required temperature is maintained by the freezer whether it dispense ice and water etc. Diagnosing   noise complaint is a difficult task as the humming noise noticed in the night can change to a buzzing sound in the morning.  A loud sound in the night can seem like a mild sound in the morning and the like. Sounds coming from the appliance can change depending upon various conditions at a particular time. If the sound is produced due to any other problem, the sound will vanish as the problem is settled in due course of time.

Heavy build up of frost n the freezer

By replacing the defroster the problems related to frosting can be eliminated. If the frost is formed around the gasket of the freezer’s door, it can be due to the improper closing of the freezer door. Check whether anything like packaging items are preventing the proper closing of the door or whether any food material is sticking out more than usual. Check whether the freezer temperature is set correctly. Lower freezer temperature can be the reason for the formation of snow. Make sure that the refrigerator temperature is around 37 ° and the freezer temperature is around 0° F.

If the frost building is on the back, where evaporator coil is situated then it shows some issues with defrost cycle.  It can be a defective heater, defrost sensor, bimetal, defrost timer etc. For pinpointing the defect trouble shooting by professionals will be required.

Water leaking on to the floor

This problem often happens as a result of the drain of the defroster getting frozen.   The other reasons for finding water on the floor can be one of the following:

  • Melting of dropped ice cube
  • Spilled drink from a glass

If the shut-of valve is the cause for the leakage of water it has to be replaced immediately. The condensation pan needs to be replaced if it is missing or damaged.

 Freezer is not running

The common cause for such problems can be electronic controls which have to be replaced in this case.

Freezer not working

This often can occur due to faulty electronic controls. Replacing will almost solve the problem.    Before that check whether the freezer light and power light indicator are working?  If not it is clear that power is not flowing to the appliance. Now you can verify the appliance controls and set them properly if necessary. New appliances often have a demo mode which is used only for showing the appliance to the prospective buyers without using the cooling system. There will be some instructions in the owner’s manual how to change a machine from demo mode to normal mode. Also check whether the appliance’s temperature has been set to 0° F and the temperature of the freezer has been set to 37°F. Also set the mechanical controls to mid-point level. One can also refer owner’s manual if some clarification is needed.

In this way is a person is interested he can study many DIY works and save money by avoiding the costly services of commercial appliances repair Fairfax agencies.


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