What Does An Allergy Rash Look Like

It’s that time of the year again when allergies are at an all-time high. One of the most common types of allergies are skin allergies and they can leave very serious rashes on the skin you see an allergy specialist doctor if you find any on your skin. Here is what an allergy rash looks like and what you should do to prevent it from getting infected.

They Are Localized Red Patches

Skin allergies are of a lot of types, but their main symptoms are some sort of rashes and patches on the skin. These rashes are basically the defense mechanism of your immune system against the trigger which has entered your body. The trigger is a foreign body or bacteria which is causing these issues to occur.

The natural way for your body to let you know that your immune system is under attack is through these rashes and other symptoms. The basic allergy rash is a localized red patch on the skin. This will be in one place only and not all over your body.

Mostly, the rash occurs in the place where the allergen was physically present on your skin. This is the direct response of your skin and body against the allergen. It is also darker in color, ranging from bright red to dull red. The rashes can also be light brown in color. This means that there is blood underneath the rash and you need to stop scratching it too much, otherwise it will bleed.

They May Be Bumpy

Another very general symptom of a skin rash that is caused by allergies is the appearance of bumps on the red rash. We already know that a skin rash will be a prominent bright red or dull red patch on the skin. There also might be small bumps that you can distinctly feel when you run your fingers on the surface of the patch. Bumps are not always formed with the rash. It is mostly formed when there is also a possibility of an infection in the rash. This is why you shouldn’t randomly pop your bumps.

The Bumps Might Be Filled With Water Or Puss

The reason why you shouldn’t pop your bumps when they appear on top of your skin rash is because of the fact that they may be filled with water or puss. Water or pus-filled bumps are mainly because of infections or some sort of bacterial invasion in the skin rash.

You need to prevent scratching it too much, otherwise, the bump will burst and the pus or water coming out of the bump will cause more infections and rashes on your skin. It’s better to let the rash sit in place undisturbed and let it go down naturally or with some sort of antibiotic medicine.

They Might Bleed

As mentioned above, rashes might be bright red or brown in color and this is the direct indication that blood is right under the surface of the rash. The rash is already quite sensitive and just a bit of manipulation can lead to bleeding of the skin.

This is why you should be very careful when you are dealing with such skin rashes which have a high possibility of bleeding. If you mindlessly scratch your sensitive skin, then you might do more bad than good for your skin and your rashes. This is why it’s better to treat your skin rash medically.

Make Sure The Rash Doesn’t Get Infected

Here are some things you should do in order to prevent rashes from getting infected.

  • Try not to scratch it with your nails. Use a soft cotton ball to run it on your skin back and forth.
  • If you see bleeding or a bump pops and some liquid comes out, make sure to wash it thoroughly and use disinfectant to clean the open skin.
  • Try not to use over-the-counter medicine for healing the rash. Consult with your allergy doctor and see what they have to prescribe you for your rash.

There you have it! Allergy rashes look very unpleasant and the feeling is not the best either. You are constantly trying to itch away from the rash. It’s best to visit an allergy center Germantown for the best medical remedy.


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