What Are Some Of The Most Low Maintenance Rugs

Rugs can become a centerpoint of your home. However, when you’re choosing a rug for your home you tend to focus on the aesthetic appeal rather than its longevity and maintenance. A well-maintained beautiful Persian antique rug can last you for many years.

How To Maintain Your Rug?

The best maintenance for your rug is keeping it clean and stain-free. But how can it stay clean and stain-free if it’s under your feet? The answer is that the rug you choose should be easy to clean. This means that the rug you choose should be welcoming, homely, beautiful, be able to add depth and loveliness to your room, should become the focal point, and be easy to clean.

Our recommendation is first to go for a rug material that is easy to clean and then choose the other factor in that easy to clean material.

Easy To Clean And Maintain Rug Materials

Cotton Rugs

Perhaps the easiest to clean and maintain your cotton rug. Found in a vast array of colors, beautiful patterns, and versatile designs, cotton rugs can spruce up any room. It is light in weight and even if it is in a room with heavy traffic, then you just need to drop it in your washing machine. But make sure to air dry it and not dry it in a dryer as it can damage its threads. It is affordable and durable only if you take proper care of it.

Wool Rugs

The material will add comfort, luxury, and coziness to your home along with being durable and generally stain-free. It is made of fibers that are naturally coiled, hence they retain their shape even when exposed to heavy foot traffic. Most of the vintage and antique rugs that give an ancient appeal and rustic beauty are made from wool because they last for a long time. Wool is naturally resistant to stains, however, if any accident occurs then just mix soap with water and clean it.

The drawback is that a woolen rug, when new, will shed a lot, so it is recommended to vacuum it to remove the excess shreds.

Jute Rugs

Just is another material that is opted in most households because of its strong fibers and ability to withstand heavy foot traffic. Jute rugs add direction to any room and furniture and is easy to maintain. If there is any stain then just mix baking soda with water, use less water, and blot in the stain.

The drawback is that it does react well with water spills so place it in a dry area. However, if your living conditions and weather is moist, then there are chances of mold growth on your jute rugs.

Polypropylene Rugs

Also known as Olefin, this is your go-to option if you have kids, pets, and high-traffic areas. Polypropylene rugs are highly versatile, durable, and low maintenance. They give a homely feel and are completely resistant to stains and water. The soft and synthetic fabric needs just regular vacuuming and scrubbing to remove stains and can be used indoors as well as outdoors. The best part is that it will not lose its shape, texture, and softness even after years of use provided you follow the basic maintenance.

Seagrass Rugs

If you are nature-loving and love muted tones and earthly designs then this gift of nature is for your home. These rugs are stain-resistant and survive well in humid environments. Never soak your seagrass rug in water as it will distort its shape and fibers as the rug is woven. To make it last a long time, do light vacuuming twice a month and spot clean it in case of spills or stains.

Nylon Rugs

Nylon is a very sturdy material and a popular rug option for homeowners as it comes in many colors and designs to match the aesthetics and setting of your home. It can withstand dirt and can be cleaned easily. Go for regular light vacuuming and it will last you a good number of years.

However, the downside is that the colors fade away with time.

Final Word

Area rugs give direction to your rooms and pull it all together. But in order to retain their beauty, you should take care of your handmade rugs Alexandria and they will be your friend for years to come.


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