How to take care of your in ground swimming pool?

When an inground swimming pool is added in a house, it increases the opportunities for exercise, leisure, and entertainment. At the same time, it shall also increase the value of your house. According to a study conducted by the National Association of Realtors in 2003, a swimming pool can add as much as 8% in the value of your house. This is something that pool contractors will also be able to you.

However, maintenance of swimming pools in a house is not that easy. Rather, it requires a proper schedule in which monthly and weekly tasks are included. At the same time, there are also some regular measures that you will have to take.

Tips to take care of inground swimming pools

Well, caring for swimming pool in your house does not necessarily have to be so complex. It is easily doable with a proper schedule and planning. In order to help you out with swimming pool maintenance and care, we have included a number of tips in this article that you can use.

These include the following:

Check the chlorine levels and pH

The pH level and chlorine level in your pool is very vital for its functioning. In this regard, the chlorine levels and pH should be just right, so that your pool can stay in its best condition. Ideally, the pH range in water should in between 7.6 and 7.4, whereas the chlorine level should be in between 1 – 3 parts per million. Any reading other than these can prove to be bad for your swimming pool.

Though, make sure that you are chlorine shocking the pool at least once a week. Shocking involves a very large chlorine dose to the pool for the elimination of contaminants and algae. This would depend on the amount of water that is in your pool, and the specifications of the chlorine product that you are using.

However, when shocking the pool water, make sure that nobody is using it. It is suitable to shock the water during the dusk. Then, allow the filter and pump to stay on throughout the night. After that, avoid swimming in the water for at least 24 hours in order to avoid any possible side-effects due to excess chlorine.


Make sure that you are cleaning the swimming pool at least once a week. This is highly essential during the season, as the swimming pool tends to get used a lot. In order to improve the cleaning, make sure that you are emptying the skimmer baskets. Also, make sure that the outdoor patio around your pool is also clean. Then, skim all leaves and other debris from the pool. In case the debris is on the bottom, make use of a swimming pool vacuum cleaner.

While many people do not realise this, cleaning is extremely important for proper functioning of your pool. This is one of the most vital ways to make it last longer.

Using pool surface cleaner

Pool surface cleaners are designed for the elimination of waterline stains. As a result of this, your pool stays very fresh. Make sure that you are applying this cleaner using pool brushes. Once the cleaner has been rubbed at the surface, dip your brush in a bucket of water and scrub it quickly.


Caring for swimming pools is quite simple. However, it requires a proper maintenance schedule that you must follow. Otherwise, the quality of your swimming pool will continue to decline over-time. Consequently, it will not stay usable anymore. In order to get more guidance regarding swimming pool care, you may also contact your local in ground pool builders. This is because pool builders often know more about swimming pools inside out. Furthermore, they can also give you specialised advice based on your distinct case. Lagras


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