Top 12 Facts About Google Everybody Should Know

Here are some Google facts that will make you say how amazing these are. If you want to know about Google, these facts will help you.

Know about Google

Accidental Meetup

The Google founders Brin and Page met by chance. Page was 22 at the time he decided to pursue his PhD at Stanford University. Page was already doing his doctorate at the same university. Brin had to visit the university so Page was assigned to help him in this regard. This is how they met and ended up together with Google.

Google Named BackRub

Not many people know that when Brin and Page developed a crawler, they named it as BackRub. This remained for a year on Stanford server but consumed a lot of bandwidth so was withdrawn. This was the original name of Google that was named in 1996 and it later on got changed.

First Google Office

We often hear that all the top tech companies like Apple, Amazon and Google started their office from small garages. Yes, that is true. Google’s first office was a rented garage on Santa Margarita Ave. The owner of that garage worked as the first manager of Google and now is CEO of YouTube.

Google Videos

In order to create a site like YouTube, Google developed its own video search engine Google Videos but it failed badly. It was an ugly site without any particular features like YouTube. But the searched engine needed a video site at that time in 2005. Later on, Google purchased YouTube as they figure out that if you can’t beat them, buy them was the right move.

If you know about Google Videos, you know about Google more than other people.

New York Office

Google opened its first New York office in 2000. It included just one man. But now thousands of New Yorkers come here for work. The office is really massive and elegant. The success comes when you remain persistent and work hard with creativity and innovation.

April Fool’s Day

This is one of the weird Google facts to know that Gmail was launched on the April Fool’s Day in 2004. The first Gmail was really strange and looked like a fake product. But not this Gmail serves millions of users across the world and is considered one of the best mail services.

  1. Google Trio

Google trio Schmidt and co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin had promised and agreed that they will work together for 20 years. Eric confessed this while talking to Fortune that they made this agreement before Google went public in 2004. This is the reason why Alphabet is now one of the most valuable companies in the world.

Gift of Free Wi-Fi

Here comes one of the Google facts that will make you think how generous the company is. In 2006, Google decided to offer Mountain View, the city where its main headquarters is located, city-wide free Wi-Fi. That was a generous move. But this helped Google attract more people who could use the free internet and use the web browser.

Goats in Main HQ

You will be surprised to know about Google that it rents out goats for moving the lawn in its Mountain View headquarter. This is a move initiated by Google as a part of its Green Initiative. The employers shared they feel clam and happy to see goats outside the windows of their offices.

One Company Every Week

We were stunned to know that Google has been acquiring one start-up or company a week since 2010. YouTube, Android, Waze and many more are now owned by Google.

Google and YouTube

Google acquired YouTube in 2006 for $1.65 billion. The experts believe it was overpriced but now time has proved it was one of the finest bets played by Google. YouTube now makes more than 20% of Google’s total shares. In just 2016, Google earned $5.2 billion in revenue from YouTube.

Googol Became Google

The founders of Google had chosen name Googol for the search engine project. That meant number one followed by hundred zeros. At the time of buying domain, they found Google.com was available. They searched the word for meaning and learned it was not even a name, rather wrong spelling for Googol. But they decided to go with Google and thus it became the multi-billion-dollar public mistake.


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