Four commonly used tree stump removal methods explained

One must accept that it is not a simple thing for tree stump removal. The absolute foolish thing one can do when some tree stump has to be removed from his property is to try to do it himself.

Tree stump removal explained

As you may not be having the right tools and know how to carry out the cutting of the tree as well as the stump you may find it as a very difficult and tiring task. You may not be able to do it efficiently and easily. There are four most commonly used tree stump removal methods for removing the stump of tree. They are explained one by one below.

Chemical process – Tree stump removal

There exist some chemical substances that can be used to speed up the rotting process of the stump of dead trees that makes it easily removable. Anyone can buy these chemicals from a local hardware shop where gardening materials are sold. The standard chemical used for stump removal is potassium nitrate which is very helpful in expediting the decomposition process of dead wood. Some others may be using fertilizers rich in nitrogen so that growth of bacteria leading to gradual decay of the stump is fastened.


  • It is very easy to use. All one needs to do is to drill holes in the stump so that chemicals can be placed inside the holes and allow it to get rotted.
  • This is a less expensive method costing only less than $20.


  • This method can be dangerous if the home owner has pets or kids in his home or around as the chemicals used are strong.
  • Chemical process needs more time to get completed. It may take weeks to months or even more.

Mechanical process -Tree stump removal

In mechanical process stump grinders are used to grind the stump and remove them. Stump grinders are machines that have sharp rotating teeth that can be used to grind the dead tree stumps easily.


  • Using of stump grinders makes the process very easy and quick.
  • No special skill is used to operate this tool. Any labourer can easily and effectively use this equipment.


  • Units that are available for rent are smaller ones. Commercial ones are more powerful and efficient. If you do it using rented ones it may take more time for completion.
  • Rental versions are designed to carry out removal of one or two stumps only that are lesser than ten inches in diameter. You will be in trouble if the tree stump is of more diameter.

Manual- Tree stump removal

Manually digging out the stump will be a great workout for anybody who is also interested in reducing the body weight or becoming more muscular. Only a shovel for digging, some kind of sow for cutting the roots, pickaxe, protective gear etc are needed as tools for carrying out the sump removal manually.


This method is very cost effective

It will give a tough cardio vascular work out for the person who carries out manual stump removal.


  • It is physical work and is potentially dangerous too. If you are careless there are chances of getting injured.
  • Manual tree stump removing can be applicable only to small trees. For trees that are huge      attempt to  manually  remove the  stump may not work.

Natural process- Tree stump removal

When damaged trees are allowed to decay and decompose naturally, it is known as natural stump removal. Covering the stump with soil, fertilizer etc can speed up the process of natural decomposition and decaying. As the fungus and bacteria flourish the tree trunk gets removed in several month’s time. Using fire to remove tree stump is another popular method. As it can lead to dangers it is not advisable. Pulling the tree stump using a powerful pick-up van is an amateur method and hence not recommendable.

If one can afford to spend some money it is always better to engage one professional tree removal company near me to carryout the tree removal operation considering the importance and serious consequences that may follow if the work is done by unprofessional or amateur workers.


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