Spring Wedding Planning Guide

Thinking of the spring season in snowy January seems unusual. Not really if you have planned your wedding for March or April. As you have decided on the date, there are enormous details to be finalized from the dressing to wedding tent rentals.

With our spring wedding planner guide, we take this daunting task on us. Read below and tick all the boxes that matter most to you.

The Wedding Theme

If your wedding is planned for March or April, then you don’t have to think hard about the theme. The spring season is itself a theme. Floral displays, floral arches, floral bouquets, floral entryways, floral cakes, floral aisles, floral ramps; the possibilities are endless. You can think of a million ways to incorporate the spring theme in your wedding.

The Wedding Dress

Spring officially marks the end of the winter season. It’s a floral goodbye to the frosty snow. What better way to celebrate this than have a wedding. You can integrate the spring season in your dresses too. Flowy, floral dresses can be a good match. You can take leads from one of the most famous spring brides, Kate Middleton who had her wedding in April 2011. If you are not a fan of floral prints, then you can have your dress embroidered with petite flowers. Another option is to have an embroidered veil or simply an embroidered train to go with your plain dress.

The Dress Code

Guest dress code is another important factor in planning the wedding. Most couples go easy on this, but for some, the dress code is a strict affair to keep up with. If you fall in the latter category, you need to go slow as springs are the most relaxed season of the year.

It’s sensible to have a laid back dress code, with everyone dressing informally. The bridesmaids, groomsmen, ushers, page boys, flower girls, etc can all dress in a coordinating theme. The best color combination is to go for pink hues as they decently assimilate into the spring colors.


Another vital point in your wedding event checklist. When the catering is concerned, you can pull out all stops. Check out with your caterers and allow them to brief you on all the options. You can ask your caterer to include local produce on the wedding menu. This is a pleasant way to pay homage to your wedding destination and it gives a handsome chance to the local farmers to boost their sales. Moreover, there is nothing that can compete with organic produce on any menu.

The Ambiance

The ambiance for the wedding should also be in cohesion with the dresses of the bride, groom, and guests. Creams, pinks, and blush are the most appropriate options. You can have an astounding ambiance planned around these shades. Even if you have extensive colorful flowers at your wedding, these three shades will carry them all gracefully.

If you have a formal wedding theme, you can still incorporate the spring vibe. Amongst your formal ambiance, there can be hints of flowers, twigs, or leafy stems in your dining hall to symbolize the spring season.

The Floral Display

Spring season has numerous seasonal flowers; like peonies, jasmine, lilies, hyacinths, and daffodils. It’s your creative streak that is the limit because these flowers come in an assortment of colors, sizes, and shades. Your bouquets can comprise all of these seasonal flowers or you can pick them as per your choice. They should coordinate well with your ambiance and dresses. Again if you decide to incorporate your local farm produce here too, it will fit well within your wedding budget as well.

The Wedding Cake

Your wedding cake is the focal attraction and no wedding is complete without one. Here again, you have endless possibilities. You can brief your baker about your preferences and he will come up with creative ideas to perk your cake. Tiered cakes are the norm for every wedding. You can experiment with naked cakes or irregularly shaped ones like a square tiered cake. As far as the color is concerned, the most favorite options are white, cream, and pink colored cakes. You can get them decorated with fresh fruits and fresh flowers as per your choice.

These were some wedding tips that can assist you in planning for your wedding this spring season. Select reliable vendors and wedding party rentals Rockland NY to avoid last day issues.


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