8 Lovely Patio Ideas

You can hire Patio contractors or do it yourself if you are creative enough to décor and have some change at your home.

Patio construction tips

I have listed some easy patio tips below to convert your normal space into stylish outdoor getaway.

Installing Fireplace

It is a good addition in your backyard if you have chilly nights and a pleasant day to warm up your hands and enjoy quality time with your family. You can place a table with few chairs around the fireplace to arrange seating with some green plants around to beautify the space.

Putting Rocking Chairs

If you have a big space area, then putting some rocking chairs and shams on stoned floor will give you an amazing party styled feeling. You can also seek help from stone patio contractors to guide you in designing the area as per current trends of décor. Adding a table on the side to serve some snacks or food will be a plus point in patio to enjoy with your loved ones.

Try Some Fresco Styled Dining

You can use an old umbrella to be fixed on the round shaped table with some chairs around it. A patio contractor can help you well in setting up this arrangement by providing a French umbrella from flea market with a scenic green plants on the back wall and fresh flowers on the table will add some great beauty in your patio area. Using wooden or cane netted chairs with table covered with a soft cotton fabric in bright colors will look more pretty in this arrangement.

Adding Green Plants and Nylon Curtains

If you want to add some delicacy in patio area with romantic essence, then nylon curtains will help you a lot to make your plan into reality. Firstly, you can add more greenery with addition of several plants and some colorful flowers to make a scenic place. And using S-shaped metallic chairs around a small square shaped table with look good with the above décor. While using some chandelier lights around the chairs and putting a light-colored nylon curtains in the background will make it extremely picture-perfect place to plan a date night with your spouse.

Adding Sofas with Bolsters and Cushions

Your stone patio contractor will help you to select an appropriately sized sofa for your patio space with some good designing as per your budget. You need to use stoned floor with some wooden shade above as your sofa fabric can be damaged with more exposure to sun in summer season. While using some fancy cushions and bolsters on sofas arranged with a center table will give a good feel to have some snacks and enjoy with your loved ones. You can also put some candles on the sides of the sofas to add some fancy lightening and soothing effect in your evening décor.

Addition of Caned Swing

You can add a hanging cane swing in your patio area with some metallic chairs and table on other side will give an overall prettier look in backyard. Your patio contractor may help you to arrange a carpeted floor with some relaxing cushions on chairs and a swing to make a relaxing environment to enjoy your summers. And adding some greener plants in the back wall and sides of a swing will create a prettier patio with a soothing feel.

Selected Colors Themed Patio

Well if you chose one color or a combination of some colors then you are surely going to have a professionally designed patio to give a themed look. If you have a big family, then choosing purple with off-white color will look good with your sofa set and the background plants and flowers. While if you have a small family or just a couple then keeping maroon shade with some golden touch will make it look fresh and prettier.

Add a Big Tree with Beautiful Flowers in Center Part

You need a professional designing when keeping a tree in center and you can take help from your stone patio contractor long island to guide you here. It will put a calm and soothing effect when you will have a big tree with beautiful flowers in center with some table and chairs around the tree.


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