6 Heat Pump Problems You Should Be Aware Of

A heat pump is an important part of the air conditioning system in your house as it transfers heat in and out of your house. Heat pump repair is also important if it breaks down to ensure that the temperature of your house is maintained. Here are a few common heat pump problems.

Heat Pump Not Turning On

A heat pump is responsible for carrying hot air in your house in winters and vice versa in summers. If it breaks down or doesn’t turn on then your house will not be able to reach the desired temperature. It usually happens when the current fails to reach the heat pump. You must check the wires that power up the unit and if you see any worn-out wires then you should probably call a heat pump repair service. It is not necessary that the problem is always in the wiring; sometimes it is far simpler like the thermostat not turned on. Check on the thermostat and the circuit breaker for trips before checking the wires.

Home Not Getting Warm

If you find that the heat pump is on but the home is not getting warmer in any way then there are many possibilities that can occur. For instance, the air filters might be clogged up and they need to be replaced or cleaned out. Dirty filters and coils cause blockage in the path of the air which results in lower efficiency.

Another reason might be that the thermostat is set at a lower temperature than it should be.

When you have checked these common mistakes and it still doesn’t feel warm then inspect the source of the problem. It is possible that the refrigerant or any internal component must be broken down. Note that if you are new to the heat pump and you are expecting it to warm your home like a furnace would do then it won’t as they produce less heat than a furnace and more heat than the fireplace on your patio.

Heat Pump Is Constantly Running

Another problem that is common in heat pumps is that they won’t turn off. There are a number of problems that could be linked with the heat pump being run constantly. Heat pumps actually run for a long time in winters to keep your house from becoming a refrigerator. However, if it keeps on running even in normal weather, it might be the cause of a dirty system or a leaking refrigerant. If you find yourself in this situation then you should probably call for heat pump repair.

Cold Air Instead Of Hot Air

A problem of a house not getting warm is completely different when cold air is flowing from furnace in cold weather. As said before, heat pumps don’t generate as much energy as you would expect from a furnace but having cold air-flown from the vents is a different story. Check your thermostat immediately for any sort of problem like accidentally setting a low temperature. If the temperature is okay, try putting it into an emergency heat mode and see if it works. Also, you need to check the heat pump outside for any ice that might have frozen it. When it freezes, heat pumps go into the defrosting mode to melt the ice which blows in cool air for a while so it might be completely normal.

Rattling Noises

This problem is usually found in an old heat pump. Look for any loose hardware like loose screws on the panel or vents. If there are any serious noises other than just rattling sounds like grinding or squealing then you must stop the heat pump immediately and call a heat pump repair service to look into the matter.

Iced Heat Pump

Your heat pump is outside and usually in winters, it can freeze itself by having the ice accumulated on it. It is a common problem and there are measures to prevent it like defrosting. However, if the problem is serious like the unit is not defrosting or the fan is problematic which is not letting the heat pump to get heated then heat pump repair is imminent before it causes serious problems.

These common problems can be easily dealt with if you just call your local heat pump repair Long Beach services.


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