Why Replace A Deck With A Patio

You might have come across a recent trend where homeowners are replacing their decks with a patio by hiring local patio builders. Even though decks and patios are two totally different things and opting one for another is a slightly difficult task but there are several advantages to it. Let’s discuss!

Low Maintenance

The first advantage of replacing the deck with a patio is low maintenance. If you have a patio, you would know how much effort and time it takes to maintain it, let alone splashing money. You have to make sure the wood looks clean and replace any damaged or cracked areas as well.

However, a patio in that respect is just going to need a pressure washer wash and it will look as good as new each time. On the other hand, since there isn’t going to be any wood, you wouldn’t have to be concerned about replacing the stones or such material as it does not crack or damage easily.

Lasts Longer Than Deck

Another benefit of replacing the deck with a patio is that it is longer lasting. Decks are usually made of wood, while patios are made using stones. These stones withstand weather conditioner better than wood. So, less money spent on maintenance, repairs, and replacements in the future.

Added Functionality

Having a hardscape surface allows you to add features that you couldn’t otherwise in the case of a deck. Although, these features will be down on the ground but you can add things like stone steps, an outdoor kitchen, or a stone fire pit. You can come up with an outdoor kitchen and organize family dinners over the weekend without letting anyone invade your privacy.


When it comes to customization, patios are way ahead of decks. Due to reliability issues, decks are slightly limited in terms of customization, whereas you can create a unique patio design each time. All the patio materials like brick, stone, and concrete are installed in a huge variety of designs. It will also help your patio blend with your surroundings and make the house more appealing.

What To Consider When Replacing A Deck With A Patio?

Now that we have discussed the benefits of replacing your deck with a patio, let us now move toward factors you need to consider.


The first factor you need to consider is the terrain on which the patio is going to be built. This means that your yard should be level with your house. Patios are relatively easy to build if the terrain is straightforward and well-maintained. The reason is that patios hardly look visually appealing if they are not level and might cost you comparatively more due to additional work and labor required.

At the same time, you will need to consult your local building codes and check if any inspections or permits are required. Do not try to go over the law as it can land you in trouble.


Cost is perhaps the most important factor you need to consider. The cost varies based on the preferences of the homeowner. That said, a patio could be both affordable and expensive to build at the same time. However, if you were to choose materials like concrete, the overall cost is going to be less. But if you want better quality, you can opt for a stone or brick patio that is going to cost you more.

Furthermore, the size of the patio is another noteworthy factor. The bigger the patio, the costlier it is going to be.


And finally, it comes down to defining the purpose. A patio just for the sake of having a patio will simply be a waste of money. Instead, you should add some function to your patio so that spending all that money is worth it. For instance, if you have an in-ground swimming pool, you can extend the surrounding perimeter by building a patio and adding chairs and tables. Plus, patios are a lot safer than decks when it comes to small children.


As this article reaches its conclusion, we are sure to have shared everything you need to know about replacing your deck with a patio. Consider the tips mentioned above and consult patio contractors Long Island to help make the right decisions during the process.


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