5 Reasons Why Your Walk-In Cooler Is Not Cold

Your walk-in cooler, not cooling can be a frustrating situation, especially when it is hot outside. For a food business, this could lead up to losing a lot of money at the end of the day if a commercial appliances repair expert isn’t at their disposal. However, you should not panic. We are going to share some tips that will help you get your walk-in cooler running in no time. Let’s begin!

Obstructed Condenser Area

Walk-in coolers need room to breathe. If there is something blocking the airflow, the condenser will not be able to perform at its optimum. Keep in mind that the condenser takes refrigerant from a gas state into a liquid state. During the process, any vapor that is absorbed is released outside. Then, the refrigerant can return to the condenser coil.

With that said, you should make sure the area where the condenser coil is located should be free of any obstructions. Otherwise, the cooler will not be able to remove the heat properly. Therefore, simply place the walk-in cooler away from appliances that produce heat and give it ample room to breathe.

Damaged Gaskets

If you own a relatively older walk-in cooler, chances are that the gaskets are worn out and need to be replaced. And since the walk-in cooler is used frequently during the business day, it is normal for the gaskets to wear up with time. However, this could lead to frost build-up due to temperature imbalance inside the unit. High humidity levels can cause condensation inside the freezer.

In the case of damaged gaskets, they are not able to keep the warm air from entering inside and cool air from escaping. This means the gaskets will need replacing. To make sure, have a professional inspect your walk-in cooler thoroughly.

Faulty Sensors

Walk-in coolers have temperature sensors located inside. If there is a fluctuation in the temperature, it probably means the sensors have gone bad. This could cause the food to spoil. Therefore, you will need to have it checked immediately. If the temperature sensors are faulty, it could cause the unit to work harder and burn faster as well.

In addition to that, you should also make sure the doors are being closed correctly and are not opened for too long.

Water Leakage

In some cases, you might come across your walk-in cooler leaking water on the floor. This could be due to a damaged seal or simply poor refrigerator installation. Regardless, it is not a good sign. If neglected, mold & mildew might build-up, which will upset the inspectors and land you in legal trouble.

Unfortunately, water leakage issues are slightly complicated to fix. You might not be able to identify and fix the issue on your own and this is why it would be better to consult a professional.

Panel Damage And Leaks

Your walk-in cooler has insulation panels installed inside that help keep the unit cold and maintain the set temperature. However, with time, these panels could wear out as well and cause leaks. On average, insulation panels last 10 years. Therefore, the only way to fix the issue is by replacing the insulation panel.

However, make sure that you follow the user’s manual or consult an expert when it comes to replacement. You should opt for the exact replacement to ensure it is a perfect match with your walk-In cooler.

Walk-In Cooler Needs Maintenance

Sometimes, all your walk-in cooler needs is a bit of care and maintenance. Since these machines are used in commercial kitchens, it is normal for dust, dirt, and grime to accumulate inside. As a result, the components of the refrigerator struggle to perform normally, which reduces the overall performance of the machine.

To avoid such situations, you should make sure to clean your walk-in cooler at the end of each working day. Plus, you should also opt for regular professional maintenance and inspection depending on the usage frequency. This will ensure your machine works at its best for years to come without any problems.

Final Word

Concluding, the above-mentioned factors are the most common reasons for walk-in coolers not turning cold. While you can fix some issues on your own but others will require a walk in cooler repair professional. However, make sure to regularly inspect and maintain the unit to prolong its life. topac


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