How To Rot A Tree Stump Fast

When you are out admiring nature and its beauty by looking at the beautiful trees and landscape, and suddenly you spot an unsightly view and an eyesore; a tree stump. It destroys the whole beauty of the place. A tree stump is the remnants of a tree that has been cut down or destroyed or dead. Trees and grass add beauty to the entire view of your home and neighborhood and a tree stump destroys the beauty, but you can get it removed by hiring a tree removal service if the tree stump is in your property.

What Can You Do With A Tree Stump?

  • One way is to use a power grinder to grind your stump. But using a stump grinder yourself can be risky as it is dangerous and heavy and is a cause of many accidents in the past.
  • The other way is to remove a tree stump by digging. It will require many people and it is a rather stressful task. After you are left behind with a huge stump which you cannot recycle or dispose of and are left with a bare piece of land.
  • You can be crafty and turn the stump into a stylish stool or a table or some other creative thing.
  • You can also let it rot and disperse on its own. But this is going to take approximately 10 years or more. That’s a long long time. Surely there must be ways to rot a tree stump fast.

Rotting A Tree Stump

The rotting of a tree stump depends on a number of factors.

  • The type and species of the tree
  • The age of the tree
  • The reason for cutting of a tree or damage or death
  • The weather changes
  • How big or small the tree was
  • Environmental factors

The only way to speed up the rotting process of your tree stump is by chemically removing the stump.

What Is Chemical Stump Removal?

Chemical stump removal is a process in which the tree stump is soaked in chemicals that speed up the natural decomposition process of the tree.

  • First thing that you need to do is to chainsaw the stump till ground level. You can easily rent a chainsaw but for safety reasons, you will need to wear safety gear, hard steel boots, gloves and helmets. Be safe because it is a dangerous tool. Do not chainsaw the ground because it can damage the chainsaw. When you use a chainsaw to cut the tree stump till groundevel, you are speeding up the process of decomposition as the chemicals will have to work less for the process of rotting.
  • Next you will need to drill deep holes in the visible tree stump. The deeper the better.
  • Next you should soak the stump with water and add fertilizer and chemicals which are high in nitrogen. Cow manure can also be used as well as any commercial fertilizer. If you are worried that too much nitrogen will destroy the nutrients and moisture in the soil surrounding the tree stump then you can use epsom salts as well. These inorganic salts contain Oxygen, Sulfur and Magnesium and also provide nutrients to the soil and cause fast rotting of the tree stump.
  • Soak up the whole tree stump and the surrounding area. The more the moisture the more the rotting.
  • Cover the whole stump in a plastic sheet or tarp so that the water and chemical stays and is protected.
  • Next you need to cover the plastic tarp with mulch. You can use hay, tree bark and leaves and load it on top of the plastic. This mulch will keep a weight on top of the tarp and will retain the wetness. You can also use stones or wood for weight.
  • Now you need to be patient as you have done whatever you could and now you should let nature take over its course. The process will take time so you will have to be patient. You can repeat the wetting, tarping and mulching process every year to speed things a bit.


Rotting a tree stump requires time and patience. Of course, the quickest way is to call in a professional tree cutting service Bethesda and get your stump removed.


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