How To Prune A Tree And Keep It Small

Many tree cutting services oblige us to prune trees at a young age so in their old age they turn out to be perfect and manageable. Here are some of the things you must keep in mind while pruning the trees.

Pruning Season

It is important to know the right time for pruning the trees because otherwise, the trees might end up facing inappropriate consequences. In order to make sure that the trees get the right treatment, make winter season your only choice to prune them because they are dormant. You can also prune the trees in spring but the lingering bees might be a problem. Summer should never be the time for pruning because it directly affects the growth mechanism of the tree which is not healthy at all. In the summertime, the leaves of the trees consume the maximum amount of photosynthesis to grow and when you prune those trees, they lose their potential and hence end up staying in the state of malnutrition for the rest of the year.

Types of Tree Pruning

  1. Tulip Shape Trees
  2. Mature Trees

Mature Trees: The Right Way

As per Horticulturists, a mature tree which has a good height should be pruned every three years instead of one. This time period is necessary for the tree to stay erect throughout the year. Pruning every three years does not mean that it should be pruned at once, it means that every year only one out of three parts of the tree, that goes over its normal height should be cut down. It is best to carry this exercise right before the spring season because spring rain washes off all the chances of diseases that could affect the cuts in an inaccurate way. This helps the trees to breathe and grow without any hassle. Whether you want to do tree pruning and tree stump removal, you can use a tree expert for that.

Protect the Trees

The idea of putting forth efforts for the protection of trees might seem trivial but have we forgotten about returning the favors to things that help us survive? Considering the pace of climate change, we must be able to protect our trees. The branches of trees are prone to sunburn and this can be prevented with the help of paint which can easily be formed using a 50-50 ratio of water and white interior paint. This paint acts as a shield against the sun and helps it to recover from the damages easily.

Is Pruning Healthy For The Trees?

Not at all. If you start pruning the trees every few months, you will strip them of their natural growth mechanism which is nowhere near healthy. The preservation of side branches is a necessary step as their growth might end lead to the formation of miniature trees. Make sure to guard the tree branches with a mixture of paint for their better age. Rapid pruning might be favorable for Avocados, Pears, and Apples etc but in case of Peaches, Apricots and Cherries, it is the worst choice you could ever come up with.

Tulip Shape Trees

As tree grows uniformly, there are several approaches to prune it. One approach is to cut it down into a shape of the tulip to control its vertical height. These trees are cut in such a way that they stand 2 or 3 feet on the ground with branches sized back to buds after pruning. To achieve the shape of the tulip, scaffolding branches are chosen among all the branches in a number of 3 or four. All of these branches are separated by a distance of about 6 inches where the branch that is nearest to the ground is about 18 inches long. These branches are structured in such a way that they grow in the outward direction at first and then turn round to face up. Scaffolding branch grows branches within itself which makes the perfect use of dormant trees. These vase-shaped trees are not only appealing to the eyes but also hold great significance as they make the job of pruning pretty easy.

As recommended by the majority of the tree services Maryland all around, it is better to keep a check on the trees because if they are not pruned at the right time, then they end up losing their potential.


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