7 Ways To Upgrade Your Condo

If you own a condo and it is showing signs of wear and tear, it is time that you give it the upgrade it needs. As exciting as it seems, upgrading your condo can be a tricky process considering the number of options and sea of ideas. However, the primary objective of the process should be to improve the practicality and value. We will share some top tips that will help you achieve both. However, it’s better to get help from home addition contractors.


The first thing you are going to do when it comes to upgrading the condo is paint the walls. Over the years, your condo might have experienced or gone through tough conditions resulting in cracks, leakage damage, etc. The best part about painting is that you will be able to fix all those cracks and damages as well.

It is important because the new layer of paint will not sit well if there are issues with the walls. Plus, if there happens to be a leakage, the paint will start to peel off after a few days or weeks. So, it would be wise to check any underground pipes if the signs & symptoms are serious before you can begin painting.

Furthermore, when it comes to choosing the best paint shade or color, you will need to consider the furniture or the décor in the condo. If the condo happens to be small, you should use light colors to make it look bigger. However, if the condo happens to be relatively bigger, you can use a combination of both light and dark colors.

And, if you find the process overwhelming, you should consult an expert or visit other condos that have been recently renovated or upgraded.

Light Fixtures

The light fixtures are another important feature that needs their due attention. While giving your walls a fresh look you will also want to decide the vibe of your condo. For instance, if the walls happen to be white, you will need to choose lighting fixtures that are bright as well to provide a welcoming feel.

Plus, if you are someone who likes to paint or wants to decorate the condo with items and objects, you will need fixtures that solely highlight them. The lighting fixtures will solely depend on the type of mood you want. If you wish to have a slightly cozy feel, you will need to use a brown shade.


Flooring is an equally important part of the upgrading process. If the walls of the condo have experienced wear and tear, it is most likely that the flooring has undergone twice the effect. The reason upgrading the flooring is important is because it can be a safety hazard especially if you have the elderly or kids living with you.

Although, you can put in some repairs or replace the tiles where needed, but if you have the budget and you’re considering condo remodel McLean, then replace flooring altogether. Choosing the best floor tiles or material can be a seriously difficult task. This is because you have many options out there.

Ideally, you should pick something that matches the falls. Plus, the tiles should be anti-slip as well. You can choose between tiles, wooden flooring, and a lot of other types. If you wish to keep the condo and are not willing to put much effort into maintenance, you should opt for stones or tiles.

However, if you wish to give your condo a modern or sleek look, you can go for wooden flooring.

Bathroom Renovation

Upgrading the bathroom is necessary as it contributes to the practicality of the condo. If you plan on upgrading and selling the condo in the future, you should know that the bathroom is going to be one of the first areas the potential buyers are going to examine.

This is why the bathroom or bathrooms in your condo should be in top-notch condition. Considering there is a lot of moisture and humidity inside, the fixtures are bound to lose their color and appeal. So, to save money, you can give the faded fixtures a new look and replace the ones that are broken or damaged.

Furthermore, you must also check the tiles. If the tiles or the floor do not have significant wear or tear, you can go for a thorough clean to remove any stains or stubborn dirt. This will bring out a fresh finish from underneath.

Kitchen Facelift

Following the bathroom upgrade, the kitchen upgrade is the most important. This is because you will spend a fair amount of time in the kitchen for prepping meals. If you have a small condo, you will need to think about expanding the storage space in your kitchen.

You can install drawers, cabinets, or shelves. However, if the existing storage areas are worn out, you will need to give them a fresh look as well. You can even add more storage. The a condo kitchen upgrade is ensuring everything goes in a rhythm.

Considering there are plenty of items and objects placed in the kitchen, matching the colors can be a difficult task. From the walls to the floor, you will want to pick a color that does not highlight stains or grime. Plus, it should be easy to maintain.

Add Some Natural Lighting

Generally, condos tend to be relatively small spaces considering the rents. Although you can buy them as well, the prices nowadays are skyrocketing. Plus, the energy bills are increasing every day. That said, you should let some natural light in to give your condo a natural look.

This is important if you live in a cold region. Moisture and humidity tend to be the biggest enemy of the furniture, walls and other items in your condo and sunlight will help you get rid of them. If your condo does not come with a window, you can add a small one to let some fresh air in as well.

Make Your Condo Smart

A smart condo is about making installing appliances and fixtures that can be controlled from the phone or with a voice command. This is both practical and increase the value of a condo. You can choose smart lights, smart thermostats, smart door locks, smart sensors, and more.

Can I Upgrade On My Own?

As mentioned in the beginning, upgrading your condo is surely going to be an exciting process. However, there are a lot of factors involved. There is no doubt that you will be able to save a lot of money by avoiding labor but you will need to give the process a lot of time and effort as well.

On the other hand, painting the walls and installing new floors and fixtures demands attention to detail. Even a small mistake can lead to a costly repair afterward. This is why hire an expert who can do the job for you. It will surely cost you but ensure that everything goes smoothly.


Make sure you focus on the practicality and value by following the tips mentioned above. Plus, define your needs and preferences so that you have a clear direction of how the condo will look in the end. Lastly, look for home addition companies DC that have a good track record of condo remodeling.


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