How To Manage Pet Allergies

Having pet allergies and not wanting to lose your pet because of it can be a very hard thing to do. Here are some things you can do to manage your allergies if you are triggered by pet hair and their fur without having to visit an allergy center every time.

Find Out What Triggers Your Allergies First

Allergies from pets can have many varieties. Some are caused by the fur of dogs and some are caused by cat hair. To find out which one’s hair or fur you are allergic to, you need to test it out. Some people can get very itchy and red skin when they are near a cat. Some people sneeze a lot and have breathing problems when a dog passes them by. So, you need to find out whether you are allergic to cat hair or dog hair. When you find out, you can proceed further.

Create A Pet-Free Zone In Your House

You can have a pet free zone in your house without having to ditch the pet. Just make sure that the pet doesn’t come near the areas where your face and clothes frequent. This will make things a lot easier for you, and you don’t have to worry about catching unwanted allergies from shedding pet hair. Make sure your pets have a limitation zone, where they cannot enter under any circumstances. Places like your bed, closet and bathroom are some examples. This will save you from a lot of hassle.

Use Air Filters

If you must, try to invest in air filters. You will be surprised at how much they can reduce your allergies, which are caused by pets, even with them hanging around you. Air filters filter out the air and remove any dust, dirt, debris, and pet fur from the air you are breathing in.

You can have them installed near the windows or near the places where your pet frequents. This will not allow the fur to go into your body and cause severe allergic reactions. An air filter will be your lifesaver against pet allergies.

Avoid Carpets

This is a thing all people with allergies should do and not just people who suffer from pet allergies. Carpeted floors are bacterial hot spots and they are a perfecting breeding ground for allergens and triggers. If you are someone who suffers from pet allergies, then it’s best that you shed off all of the carpets from your floors. This will ease two things for you.

First, there will be no lingering pet hair stuck on the carpet, which can find its way from the carpet to your body, and secondly, you don’t have to worry about your pet spoiling a perfectly good carpet, because as much as pets are lovely, they can be messy.

Have Your Medicine With You

This tip should go without saying for people who suffer from allergies. Always keep your medication with you. You never know when an emergency can strike and a severe allergic reaction can hit you. So it’s best to be prepared.

Always have backup medicine in your bag and car and always keep it with you, whether it’s by your nightstand or in your bathroom cabinet. Also, keep the medicine out of reach of your pets, because you don’t want any pet hair lingering on it.

Your Pet Should Be Clean

Last but not least, your pets should be hygienic too. Try to keep your pet clean and make sure that they are bathed every week or 2 times a week at least. This will ensure that the pets are free from any sort of pests and their coats are not carrying any sort of bacteria or triggering allergen. If your pet is clean, you will also feel like your allergic reactions have toned down. Cleaning your pet properly and having them groomed will save you from a severe allergic reaction and its good for the general health of your pet.

There you have it! These tips will make sure that your allergies stay at bay and the best part of it all is that you don’t have to let your pet go, just because you are allergic. For serious allergic reactions, connect with an allergy specialist doctor Manassas immediately.


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