How to make your cooler more efficient and long lasting?

Summers are very tough in some parts of the world, especially in countries situated near the meridian.  In such countries temperatures often rise up to 45 degree Celsius. People in such countries often depend on air coolers to fight with the summer heat. They are very cost effective and they really provide comfort to the people in such countries. The increasing temperature in such countries remind us about the importance of using air coolers in the most effective and efficient manner. In this article I am going to state some important points following which one can achieve the above mentioned result and make him safe from the clutches of technicians like commercial refrigerators repairs.

Know about commercial refrigerator maintenance

Providing proper ventilation in the room will make the use of the air cooler more efficient and effective. It is a common misconception that keeping air coolers in closed spaces make them work more efficiently. Air coolers work on principle of evaporation by blowing air through water-soaked cooling pads. Therefore it should be possible for the air to flow smoothly. Keeping air cooler near to a window is the best place for it to be placed.  Hot air helps faster evaporation and the air blown out by the cooler becomes colder also. Good ventilation in the room where the air cooler is placed is essential for pushing the humidity out.

Add ice

Adding ice in water in the tank can increase the cooling efficiency of the air cooler. Some coolers are coming with dedicated ice compartments. Ice in water make pads cooler, and help cool air to pass through them. But this will be effective only when you sit closer to the cooler. But in the long run its effectiveness may decrease. Adding too much ice can also decrease the rate of evaporation thereby tampering the efficiency of the cooler. When very high temperature is experienced adding of ice can be useful and effective in increasing the efficiency of the air cooler.

Saturate the cool pads

Another technique to increase the cooling effect is to run the pump while the water tank is being filled. This will help the water to run through the cooling pads and soak them beforehand. After the tank is full one can run the fan. This will help the cooler to start cooling the air immediately after it is switched on.

Other important things to consider

There are some seemingly unimportant matters which can help you to increase the cooling efficiency of your air cooler if done at the appropriate time and manner. One such thing is shutting the drapers in the room and thereby preventing the heat from entering the room. Another similar thing is switching off the lights and other appliances. Also make sure that your air cooler is installed at the appropriate place so that it will help in lowering the average temperature of the room effectively and at the same time provide cool air to everybody in the room.

Commercial refrigerator repair technician

It will be better if you can improve the life span and efficiency of your air cooler by checking it regularly. It will also help to keep it ready after rectifying defects, if any, for using it in summer.  Cleaning the pads is the first thing to be done in this regard. The pads would have been filled with dust and pollen overtime.  It will be better if you can clean it once in a week with the help of a brush. If you find that a lot of dust has accumulated then it will be better to replace it immediately. Similarly water tank also should be checked and cleaned.

One should also make sure that there is no leakage in the water tank. The fan blades can be made cleaner by a quick swipe with a dry cloth and this will help to improve its efficiency. Regularly servicing the cooler is a good practise to increase the life span of your cooler. If you are very careful about the up keeping of the cooler and carry out the processes which I have mentioned earlier then you can be sure about the security and safety and long life of the air cooler. You can also hope of saving much money towards walk in cooler repair Arlington service charges.


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