How Do You Fix A Furnace That Is Not Heating

If your furnace is blowing cold air and not performing like it used to, then there could be several reasons to blame. Now, there are some issues that you can inspect on your own, otherwise, major problems will require you to call in a furnace repair service. In this blog, we are going to discuss how to troubleshoot your furnace so that you at least get an idea of what the problem is about. Let’s begin.

Check The Thermostat Settings

Believe it or not, sometimes people forget to adjust the thermostat settings. This can cause the furnace to throw cool air. Make sure that the setting is adjusted to heat and not cool. Furthermore, set the fan to auto as well. At the same time make sure that the thermostat is set to the temperature where it triggers the furnace to produce heat. Once you are done adjusting the thermostat settings, check the batteries, circuit breakers, and fuses. It might be that an electrical problem is not triggering the heat function.

Check The Furnace Power

After you are done inspecting the circuit breakers and fuse box, check to see if the furnace itself is getting power. If maintenance has been performed on your furnace, it could be that it was turned off. Therefore, check the switch and turn it on. However, even if that does not emit hot air, then you might need to call a professional for an inspection.

Reset The Furnace

Furnaces usually come with an in-built reset button. It is either located on the front or at the back. Once you locate it, press it to reset the furnace. Upon resetting, the furnace will start and you will start receiving hot air. The rest button is basically a safety feature installed to automatically shut down the furnace incase if it becomes too hot or some other problem arises. Furthermore, if you observe that your furnace is shutting down by itself more often, then it could be due to some other problems such as a clogged air filter.

Inspect The Filter

Ask a professional and they will tell you that one of the most common reasons for furnace failures is dirty air filters. A furnace pulls air from outside and then heats it before sending it inside the house. If the air filter is dirty, it is most likely that it will become clogged sooner or later. If it is clogged, the furnace will have difficulty breathing and it will automatically shut down. Furthermore, it will fail to produce hot air since the amount of air it needs is not sufficient.

If you observe that the air filter is dirty, replace it and then press the reset button. If you live in an area where dust and debris are excessive, then consider replacing the air filter once every 2 months for better furnace performance.

Check The Standing Pilot

If you own an older furnace, which most probably has a standing pilot light, it might be that the light has extinguished. Begin by confirming if the light is indeed out. Then, turn off the gas valve and wait for around 5 minutes. If your furnace includes a reset button, turn the valve to the position of the pilot and while pushing the button for around 30 seconds, hold the flame pilot gas tube dedicated. If the pilot fails to light at the first attempt, wait for a few minutes and then try again.

However, this time pushing the reset button for around 45 to 60 seconds. If the pilot light turns on, turn the valve position to ON position. If the pilot light dies, it might be that there is a problem with either the ignition system or the thermocouple. You can choose to replace the parts yourself or call a professional for assistance.

Final Word

This blog was aimed at fixing your furnace that is not heating. Furnaces are designed to last for several years but only if they are properly maintained. If you were to consider the tips mentioned above, chances are that you will learn to fix minor issues yourself. Therefore, the next time your furnace develops a problem, make sure to follow the instructions outlined above. And if the issue is not solved, get a furnace service McLean to fix the problem.


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