How Do You Decorate A Tent For Your Event

Tents are a must in every outdoor event. A tent acts as a personal reception spot and a shade for the guests to be safe from the sun (or rain), and enjoy the outdoors. Party and tent rentals provide tents of different styles, here is how you can glam up a simple tent for your event.

Lights Can Make All Of The Difference

This might seem simple, but the right lights and fixtures can make all of the difference and turn a simple tent into a beautiful decoration. Try to see if there are any twinkling fairy lights that you can attach to your tent. You can also go for standing lights or chandeliers which will look very majestic, depending on the type of event you are hosting. They are perfect for wedding ceremonies, especially when the sun sets and the lights cast a hazy glow all around the tent.

Use Different Colors

Another great easy way to jazz up a simple tent is by using different colors of tents. Better yet, you can use different patterns and textures of tents too, to add a more appealing element to the entire tent set up. This can be easily done and the only thing you need to keep in mind here is that the colors of the tents should be complementing each other.

You don’t want the colors to clash too much, otherwise, the colors will throw each other off and the whole thing will be ruined. Try to choose the colors carefully according to your theme and go for lights that will bring out the tones of the tent even more.

Draping Technique

This is a beautiful technique that makes the tent look like a work of art. The drapes are usually a tad bit darker than the tent color or it can be a completely different but complementary color. This will go all around the tent, draping it in a way that makes it look more elegant and classy. These drapes are perfect for weddings as well and the results are beautiful in pictures. You will want this on every tent decoration from here on out.

Don’t Close It Off

Nothing looks more off-putting than a tent that looks like a box. It’s better to have an open concept tent that is open from all areas. A boxed or closed-off tent is not going to look good and it will diminish the beauty you added through décor and other stuff.

Try to go for an open and circular tent which is supported from the center with a pole. This will elongate the tent and make the space look bigger than usual. You will love the end result, so it’s worth a try.


When getting a tent, you will need to think about the flooring too. If the place where you are putting up the tent is uneven, then you might want to get some false flooring, so that it is easier for people to walk on it. There are so many floor options available that you will be confused and tempted all at the same time.

Try to go for tile floors as they are the easiest to install and they are also very easy to walk on. Tiles can also be transparent or glass-like so they will look even more pretty in the end.

Other Décor

If the tent is being installed for a birthday or a simple get-together, then balloons and lights are a must. A birthday is never complete without a bunch of balloons. If you are getting a tent installed for a wedding, then you will need floral decorations and vases all over the tent. This will turn the tent into a whimsical wonderland and the pictures will look amazing. These small things are the ones that make the tent look like something out of a fairy tale and not like a circus.


There you have it! These tent decoration ideas work great for any kind of event, whether it be a wedding, birthday or a simple outdoor get-together. Your guests will surely be mind-blown by these simple yet beautiful decorations. Look for event party rentals Rockland NY that offer complete services so you can enjoy the event without any stress.


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