11 Food Combinations We Hate

Pineapple on pizza has been on debate for far too long, but that’s not all, we have more of the worst food combinations for you.

Food combinations hated all over the world

  1. Popcorns and Ketchup

The most famous movie snacks are no doubt popcorns, but what if someone would put ketchup on that? Urgh! Right? Well, it is a combination that has been debated on the internet as well. The ketchup enthusiasts have taken the ketchup trend too far. But it’s a flop combination, that can’t work no matter how much anyone would try.

  1. Waffles Topped with Red Pasta Sauce

Waffles are great but do we have to turn them into an Italian delicacy? No, pasta sauce on a waffle is yet another worst food combination. The sweet and tangy taste can never work together. Leave the waffle alone. You may be a great chef, and you may have a lot of food knowledge, but this is just plain wrong.

  1. Orange Juice with Cereal

Breakfast should be lavish, we all know that. But for most people, it’s cereal and orange juice as they are always on the go. To make the breakfast even shorter why not mix juice and cereal right? No, to have the juice with the cereal separately is good, to have it in the bowl with the cereal is just gross. Cereal likes milk and milk goes with cereal, and that’s the way they should remain.

  1. Cereal and Cheese

While looking through worst food combinations, there are a few that shocked me, but nothing shocked me as much as this, a full bowl of cereal with milk and Cheese. We get it, you love cheese, but somethings taste tons better without cheese. Like cereal and milk.

  1. Pizza Topped with Melted Chocolate

First pineapple now chocolate, what did pizza ever do to you? Someone must have taken revenge on somebody’s pizza because no one in their right mind would ruin a good cheesy pizza by adding melted chocolate on it.

  1. Salad topped Ice Cream

The whole point of a salad is to stay away from all that calories, who would think to add ice-cream on salad. What purpose does it serve, who would eat that? Seriously. You can try different dressings but why ice-cream? If you have food knowledge and you want to experiment, that’s great but ice cream and salad. No, just no.

  1. Donut Bacon Burger

Who doesn’t love donuts, that powder sugar mustache, yum! But to combine bacon burger and a donut is barbaric.  To replace bun with a donut is evil, pure evil. No matter how good a chef you are, or how much food knowledge you have, there is no way a donut would work with bacon burger.

  1. Peanut Butter and Bacon Sandwich:

Peanut butter and jelly sandwich make a good combo, and no other combination can be this good.  Can we please stop trying? Adding bacon replacing jelly isn’t a good combination. It can never be a good combination. We know you love peanut butter, we know you love bacon, but keep them separate. There is no need to mix them and make the worst combination of food in the history of food innovations.

  1. Wraps and Worst Combinations

We have seen great wrap combinations; people love playing with their leftover foods and wraps but putting popcorns and ketchup as filling? Or banana and ketchup? Or even warps with ketchup and spaghetti. Odd, bizarre and weird – there are no words to explain this combination.

  1. Crisps and Chocolate Dipping

Another excellent movie snack, crisps. There are so many dips that you can make to go with your crisps like salsa, or cheese dip or even jalapeno dip, but chocolate? Who would like to dip their crisps in chocolate and eat them too? Why would anyone ruin their crisps like that?

  1. Sausage Pork and Gummy Bears

Gummy bears have been my favorite ever since I was a kid, but that doesn’t mean I’d put them in my sausages too. This can be the king of the worst food combinations ever.

Worst food combinations

Chefs around the world, with a ton of food knowledge, are great at coming up with good food combinations, it’s their job. People with zero food knowledge or wonky taste buds should stay away from food experiments and making them public.


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