What Should I Choose Between Flagstone Patio And Brick Patio

When it comes to choosing between different types of patio materials, homeowners face quite a lot of difficulty. With each type sharing its advantages and disadvantages, it is only right that we help the consumers decide what suits them perfectly. So, let’s learn the difference between flagstone and brick patios before going to a patio builder.

Flagstone Patio

Flagstone patios are versatile as there is a lot of variety to offer. It usually involves natural stone including, sandstone, bluestone, and limestone, etc. Depending on where you live and the weather conditions, a flagstone patio may or may not be the perfect choice for your home. However, it is preferred in many countries due to its distinctive colors, qualities, and texture.

Flagstones are cut in different shapes and sizes according to the customer’s needs and preferences. However, most of them are usually found in large and irregular shapes. This allows the craftsmen to work their creativity and give the patio a more “tailored” look.

As mentioned earlier, flagstones are versatile. This means that you can mix and match them with other patio materials while laying them on pea gravel or other types of bases. Since crafting the flagstones requires extreme skills, you can expect it to be a bit pricey.

However, on the positive side, flagstone patios require little to zero maintenance if installed properly. But that does not mean that the flagstone patio will not deteriorate over time. If it does, the task will be labor-intensive as it might require cleaning the joints.

Brick Patio

On the other hand, you can also opt for a Brick patio that shares several noteworthy advantages.

To begin with, installing a brick patio in your home tends to increase its resale value. Properties feature brick patios tend to sell comparatively better than properties without one. The reason is that brick patios are not that expensive to install and last longer than many patio types.

Secondly, brick patios tend to be attractive and striking. Similar to flagstone patios, brick patios are also available in different colors, sizes, and shapes. This allows the homeowners to experiment with designs and layouts to come up with a unique patio. Additionally, brick patios also add a natural touch to the house. Considering the modern and traditional feel, there is no doubt that brick patios are amongst the most popular in the world.

Furthermore, when it comes to durability and strength, it is hard to beat brick patios. Not only do they last a lifetime but do not fade as well. This proves that it is value for money. If you are opting for a brick patio, you will not have to worry about the patio deteriorating any time soon.

Perhaps the best thing about brick patios is that they are able to withstand extreme weather conditions. May it be rain, snow, or thunderstorms, brick patios easily survive, sometimes, seriously damaging natural occurrences. And since the bricks do not expand or contract when the weather shifts, there is no worrying about cracks appearing as well.

Moreover, brick patios make a perfect combination with any type of items or furniture you wish to install on your patio. With other patio types, homeowners have to put additional efforts to ensure stability and reliability. However, with brick patios, there are no limitations. You can pretty much do anything you want provided that the task is carried out by masonry experts.

What Should I Choose?

Both Flagstone and Brick patios have their pros and cons. Therefore, it all comes down to your needs. A flagstone patio will work if you want something unique and excessively appealing. On the other hand, a brick patio will be the perfect option if you want something that lasts a lifetime.

In addition to that, flagstone patios are more suited to bigger homes while brick patios are suited to both mid-sized and smaller homes. However, that is not a universal standard. There are a lot of other factors that decide between the two such as the location, design, and layout of the backyard and the house.

Final Word

Concluding, there is no absolute winner here. To determine which patio will suit your house, you need to define your needs. Plus, consult a patio contractor who will better be able to share the limitations considering the property and its layout. Lagras


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