How To Chemically Kill A Tree

Trees are a source of natural appeal in your homes and provide an aesthetic soothing to the eyes along with a shade in the sunny afternoons. But sometimes trees can also cause issues in your garden, such as; invading your whole garden, killing certain plants and roots or overwhelm the space in your garden by restricting sunlight and neighbors’ view, for which you may need the help of arborist services.

There are ways to chemically kill a tree to avoid issues or if the tree is causing problems. You would be wondering why kill a tree when you can easily cut it down. Cutting down a tree will cause it to start growing again because the roots will be still attached to the soil, but there is a way to kill a tree by cutting it down as well. If your tree is giving your trouble then read below to find out the ways to kill your tree.


This is the most effective method of killing a tree because it will always work. The bark of the tree is the main part which provides food, water and nutrients to the whole tree and if there is no bark that means the tree will not get its food and will starve to death. Girdling is to cut the tree bark around the whole circumference of the trunk which will gradually kill the tree. The girdle should be 1.5 inches deep and at least 2 inches wide to kill a small tree whereas at least 8 inches wide to kill a big tree.

The Salt Method

It is popularly known that any land which has salt in it will kill all the life around it. So before you proceed towards this method, you should know that all the grass, plants and vegetation will be killed along with the tree and it will take some time afterwards for the regrowth of any plants in that area.

Cutting Down A Tree

It is easy to cut down a tree using a chainsaw, (by an expert off course). You will need to cut a tree till you reach its stump and then grind the stump completely. But sometimes the tree grows back through the stump and in that case you can apply chemicals to the area so that it does not sprout again. But still sometimes even this does not stop the tree from re-growing, so now you should dig the stump and take out all the roots from the soil so there is no chance of regrowth.

Killing Through Herbicides

Choose herbicides that are somewhat environment friendly. Although herbicides are chemicals that pose a threat to the environment, specific area application will not cause any harm to the environment.

One way is to make cuts deep and wide in the trunk of the tree. Make sure the bark is still attached and not cut. You will need to call in the experts to administer injection filled herbicides in the cuts of the tree. The injections should be inserted every 2 to 6 inches in the tree for proper effect.

Cut the surface of the trunk of the tree and apply herbicides immediately on the cuts. Make a lot of cuts every 2 inches around the circumference downwards in length. The herbicides will reach the vascular tissues of the plants and thus restrict the nutrients and cause the tree to die.

Herbicides applied to the soil area around the tree can cause it to penetrate the roost and soil under the ground by adding water on it. You can apply concentrated herbicides all around the soil or with at least 2 feet spaces in between. This method can kill not one or two but many trees in your garden.

Apply herbicides mixed with oil to the whole bark and trunk area. The application should be 12 to 18 inches in length in the lower side of the trunk and bark. This is an effective method for tree killing.

Whatever method you are using it is always better to take the precautions, read the instructions properly and follow them or to call in tree removal services Chevy Chase as herbicides can be dangerous and can also damage other plants and vegetation nearby.


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