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Granite vs. solid surface countertops

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The two most widely used kitchen countertop materials are granite and solid surface countertops. Each comes with certain benefits, maintenance and aesthetic role to play.
Granite Countertop

  • Granite countertops are 100% natural stone unearthed from the earth. Stones like Feldspar, quartz, mica are various forms of granite.
  • It is heat and scratch resistant. Minor scratches can be fixed easily.
  • Granites are porous in nature and may require periodic sealing to avoid staining. Daily maintenance includes washing with a pH cleanser and wiping spills immediately.
  • Granite countertops may require seams and comes with several edge profiles that can be expensive.
  • Since every piece unearthed has a different color and pattern, no two slabs can look the same, thus giving a unique design to your kitchen. This granite can be polished.
  • Granite comes in different price range.
  • It does not come with a warranty unless provided by the installer.
  • Solid Surface Countertop
  • Solid Surface Countertops are man-made, a blend of acrylic or polyester plastic is stuck together with colorants. When heated, the resin turns liquid and the counter can be fashioned into any desired shape.
  • Since it is nonporous, it does not need any sealing and can be washed with any cleanser.
  • It is seamless, therefore, countertops can be installed properly, leaving no crevices for bacteria to breed. Unlike granite, this material is FDA approved for food preparation.
  • It comes in uniform color and pattern. If you do not like a variation or solid color, solid surface countertops can lend a simple look.
  • Scraps from cutouts can be joined together for a backsplash or another countertop. It is more economical than granite once the edge profile and cutouts are done.
  • It is not radioactive, unlike some natural stones and does not have asbestos.
  • Hot pans can melt, break or surface can get discolored.
  • It is prone to deep scratches, dirt and moisture can easily settle down. Scratches can be easily sanded. A damage or an entire section can be cut out or replaced easily. If you are planning to sell your house, the top can be re polished to look new.
  • Prices can vary based on colors, which can be expensive than granite countertops.
  • It comes with a warranty.

Contact a granite countertop contractor to help you decide between granite and solid surface countertops.

How to take motorhome on hire?

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Rent a motor home and then only you can make your vacations more enjoyable and colorful. In this case, you got to know the renting procedure in details so that the necessary steps can be implemented. You cannot rent a motor home all of a sudden rather you got to follow a systematic procedure.

Nowadays, most of the rental companies are maintaining their official sites as a result of which you can now place your booking online. In fact, the booking process has been made more simplified and facilitated by means of these websites. You can make the payments of the rentals in an easier and convenient manner than ever.

Steps for taking motor home on rent

  • First of all, looking for the best rental company is a great necessity and thus you should be concentrated towards the same.
  • You got to check out the available packages of the company. Not all packages are suitable for you and thus you have to make the selection perfectly and correctly.
  • You can also ask for a trial service if this facility is available with the company. This trial service will help you to decide the best without any unwanted confusion.
  • You should read out the norms and conditions of the company before signing the agreement contract. Within the contract, each and every detail should be mentioned clearly like purpose, tenure and others.
  • You can also choose the most flexible payment option that can help you to pay off the rentals easily and quickly.
  • After finalizing the package, you can avail the motor home service absolutely on time.

Why the rental rate needs to be decided?

The rental rate needs to be decided first otherwise unwanted complications might arise in future. You should check out that whether the package is including any hidden costs or not. Hidden costs usually increase the rental cost to a great extent and thus common people cannot bear the same. There are many factors influencing the rental rate and you got to discover them so that the perfect rate can be gained.

Motor home rental can also get influenced by the market trend and rental regulations of the state. You can make the rental payment in installments or parts for the sake of saving greater costs. If you have a warm relationship with the rental company then you can make the rest of the payment even after your purpose is being served. But in this case you have to maintain faithfulness and should make the full payment as per promise.