A quick comparison between different countertops

With oodles of categories in the countertops, it might be a daunting task to decide which one can be a suitable option a perfect countertop for your needs. A mmyriad of options in the market includes marble countertops, granite, quartz, stainless steel, porcelain, Corian, and soapstone. And, we will be discussing a few of them.

Comparing different countertops

Let’s talk about the countertops and see which one is made for you.


This is one of the widely used natural stones in high-end kitchens. The reason is these stones vouches for incredible durability and can serve you for the years to come. They come with a vast range of color selections from dark to light colors, all flecks, and variations.

The heat-resistant is matchless, so you don’t need to worry about placing hot-pans over it. Another notable of the granite countertop is that it is scratch-resistance. A very few minerals can scratch this. However, It is not recommended, since the stone is so sharp, it will weaken your knives.

The maintenance of a granite countertop surface is relatively low. However, once sealed, it will be complex to manage things.

But, there are some drawbacks that you need to take care of. Finding a suitable granite stone is like searching for a needle in a haystack. This doesn’t mean that they are unavailable, but It’s quite a back-breaking task to identify an aesthetically fresh piece.


Quartz is not a purely natural stone but it involves the blend of other minerals. It is also referred as human-made stones. With that said, the Quartz properties replicate to granite significantly. Such as heat, scratch, and stain resistance. However, Quartz takes the lead due to its flexibility, as it is less likely to chip off or crack. Not only this, but these countertops receive a round of applause due to their ravishing appearance.

With all these features, Quartz kitchen tops can be a great addition to your home. They don’t require sealing which might be a point of disappointment, as the consistent heat can mutilate this countertop.

Here’s a small caveat of Quartz countertop. If your countertop is exposed to the direct UV rays of sunlight continuously, then you may find a resounding difference in color.


If you really want something that can bring value to your home interior, then there’s none other than the marble countertops that are simply beautiful in looks. This is the reason many homeowners prefer this option. However, beauty comes at a price, and it might burst your wallet.

Being the most popular in the market, most marbles are porous and drips, spills, and food pigment don’t last long on the surface. Sadly, these countertops are not the best for heat-resistance. Also, you can never directly place the pots and heat pans on Marbles.

The good thing about this Marble is it is commonly used globally, and there’s no issue of discovering the epitome of luxury. Additionally, if taken good care of marbles, they can upsell the listing and longevity. When it comes to maintenance, it doesn’t demand any fancy cleaners. But, they can be well-managed with the damp microfiber cloth, hot water, and soap.

Final Words

Well, there is indeed an overwhelming number of options available in the market. However, with some good forethought, you can easily choose the best countertop material for yourself. Do not hestiate in taking advice of the professionals.

That’s it! I hope you’re able to contrast the best countertops materials in the market. The major differences highlighted between marble countertops, quartz kitchen countertops Fairfax, and granite. Choosing a one for your kitchen might be an easy task now.



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