7 Latest Kitchen Countertop Designs And Trends

We all know that our countertops are the most integral part of our kitchen. It’s usually the first place anyone notices in the kitchen. Other than that, it’s our granite or quartz worktops where all the action happens. Whether it’s preparing a three-course meal, chopping up veggies for a week worth of meal prep, or merely baking up a delicious dessert, your countertops tend to go through a lot.

Not only are kitchen countertops valuable in terms of functionality, they also lay a solid foundation for the décor of the rest of the kitchen. Based on your countertops, you will have to match the kitchen cabinets and the whole layout of your kitchen that complements the counters.

Interior decoration trends tend to vary all year long, but we can assure you that this year is all about functionality and the materials you narrow down to yourself.

Here a is a list of all the latest kitchen countertop trends that are all set to make a big impact on your kitchen

Quartz Is Definitely Here to Stay

For years, quartz has dominated the kitchen industry, and its heightened popularity is all set to stay. Quartz, introduced a few years ago as an alternative to granite, is both edgy, sleek and definitely makes an impact on your home space, regardless of the overall layout. Quartz is not only extremely strong and durable, it is also non porous and goes through minimal sealing if any, making it the most hygienic and favorite choice for countertops amongst homeowners.

Dark and Natural

Contrary to the polished and pristine white kitchen layouts that we have witnessed in the preceding years, this year is all about dark undertones with matching earthy shades. Natural woods like walnut give a warm appeal and sophistication to the kitchen. Try pairing your dark countertops with lighter floorings and wall paints. Try to find the perfect balance between both the darker and lighter shades.

Butcher Block Is Back

This controversial countertop material has faded in and out of the trend radar over the years. The butcher block is back, and while some people may hate it, this material tends to warm the kitchen up and gives it that earthy and wooden texture. By incorporating a butcher block, you can strike the perfect balance between a darker countertop and an overall lighter layout.

Matching Your Countertop and Backsplash

Matching your countertop and backsplash is one of the hottest trends that’s making a comeback. Not only is the overall look chic and stylish, it also saves you up in the long run. By narrowing down your material choices, you can strike a good deal with the contractors by buying more of the same deal. We do recommend trying this idea in a lighter color palette, as going for a darker counter with a complementing backsplash may make the overall look too overwhelming.

Countertops with Interesting Patterns and Textures

This year will be all about experimenting with countertops that provide character and definition to the overall layout of the kitchen. Materials like granite, quartz and marble all are available in striking colors and mesmerizing veining’s and patterns that are bound to leave you spoiled for choice.

All About Sustainability

It’s somewhat satisfying to be able to design and decorate your personal abode, while still having the peace and satisfaction that your decision is one of the many small steps to make our environment more sustainable. Made of a combination of recycled glass, cement and resins, these countertops are not only bold and interesting, but they are paving the way to reducing your carbon footprint. Not only is the design alluring and unique, it is also strong and as durable as just about any other natural stone countertop.

Neutral Tones

In opposition to the dark trend, we have good news for all the neutral buggies out there. The latest countertop trends also call for experimenting with lighter subtle shades of granite and quartz that make the kitchen feel more open and lighter.

If we recommend a material, it would be engineered stone because they are non-porous and scratch resistant as compared to natural stone countertops (marble and granite countertops). Most popular choice in engineered materials are quartz kitchen countertops Fairfax.


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