Some Do’s and Don’ts of Cleaning Drains

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Common causes of drain clogging include food waste build-up, accumulation of grease, and chemical concentrations. When things get worse, drain the assistance of local drain cleaning services is required. On the other hand, minor clogs can be eliminated using some at-home tools and methods.

However, drain cleaning is not as simple as it sounds. There are a number of precautions that you will have to take. On top of that, there are a number of techniques that you should know.

The Do’s and Don’ts of drain cleaning

Due to a clogged drain, your sink will begin to fill up. This is because the water will have no place to escape from due to a blockage from chunks of food, grease, and grime. In general, you will not even realize that your drain is getting clogged up until it begins showing.

Indeed, clogged drains can cause a lot of inconveniences and cleaning them can be a hassle. Often at times, you may want to take cleaning matters in your own hands

In this regard, there are a number of do’s and don’ts when it comes to drain cleaning. In this article, we aim to touch these precautions briefly in order to make it easy for you to remove drain clogs.

These include:

Do not use a drain cleaner from the store

The drain cleaners that are sold in stores can certainly help you in clearing the drain. However, in that process, these chemicals can damage the drain pipes. Hence, regular use of a store-bought drain cleaner should be minimized. As a result of the continuous pipe damage, you may have to make costly repairs after a few months.

Do use sewer jetting to clear off the sewer lines

Often at times, a drain blockage is not a result of clogging in the pipes. Rather, it is a result of clogging in the sewer lines. In case you have tried everything and yet your sink still fills up, chances are that the sewer lines are clogged further back.

You may have to use jet cleaning to clear off the sewer lines. This process is also referred to as sewer jetting, in which experts make use of high-pressure water to clear off waste, and debris in the sewer lines.

Even though you can rent sewer jets, we do not recommend you to carry this process out on your own. Better yet, leave this task to the sewer experts and plumbers. This is because such pieces of equipment have some general usage guidelines that a layman is unaware of.

Do not try snaking your drain

A drain snake is yet another technique used to clear the drain pipes. In this technique, a flexible yet rigid cable is used to pull out chunks of hair, food, and debris that is clogging the drain up.

This is one of the few techniques that are safe to use. However, experts still recommend homeowners to not to try it especially in case the clogging is further back in the drain. This is because if this process is not done right, the drain pipes can become damaged. Ultimately, this can lead to costly repairs.

Do take the help of experts

Remember that your best way out of things that you have no knowledge of is to get help from a professional. If you look around, you will find plenty of drain cleaning companies Westchester. Experts at these companies can get the job done in a safe and effective manner, using techniques that laymen have no training.

Ending note

Drain cleaning is not a very complex process. The only risk involved in drain cleaning is that of damaging the drain pipes. Often at times, laymen end up damaging the pipes which result in costly repairs later on. In case you are confident about it, feel free try cleaning the drains yourself. Otherwise, consider reaching out to an expert.


How to Stop Your Receding Hairline?

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According to Carolyn Aronson, our hair is a beautiful form of self-expression. It doesn’t matter how much anyone tries to deny it, but vanity is present in all of us. Some of us are proud of our features, while others pride themselves on their fashion sense. At the same time, for some people, it’s the hair on their heads that takes the crown.

While hair fall is a problem that plagues the best of us, it needs to be addressed when it turns excessive. Thankfully technological marvels have brought us to an age where you don’t have to resign yourself to a life of baldness. Instead, you have numerous options available, ranging from exquisite wigs to affordable hair transplantation

Tips to stop your hairline from receding further

If you have just noticed that your hair is shedding at a rate faster than it can be replaced, there’s still some time. Know that you can stop it before you go completely bald.

Here are some ways through which you can slow down your hair fall rate.

  • There are shampoos out there for every single problem that your hair might be going through. This includes both dullness and frizziness. However, these shampoos end up causing more harm due to the strong chemical content in them. In such cases, it’s important to replace your normal shampoo with a more mild shampoo. In fact, it is better to use an organic one so your hair can get time to breathe and grow.
  • Experts have been telling us to use oils to stimulate hair growth. Perhaps, now it’s time to pay heed to their advice. Essential oils are readily used to combat the problem of excessive hair fall. At the same time, they can also stimulate hair growth significantly. Some types of oil that you can use to massage your hair include almond oil, coconut oil, and jojoba oil to name a few.
  • While your hair might look great after blow drying it or styling it, the glamour of a few hours can end up damaging your hair in the long run. This is because hair products often contain chemicals in them. So in case, there is an unusual amount of accumulation of hair in your hairbrush, consider cutting back on blow-drying. Rather, let your hair relax for a little while.

What to do if you are past the point of prevention?

Of course, none of these tips are going to come in handy if the total amount of hair on your head is purely serving a decorative purpose or if you have already taken the baldness plunge.

However even if you have taken a page straight out of Vin Diesel’s handbook and shaven it all off, there are a multitude of options available for you that can help you get back to a head full of hair.

The wigs that are available these days are made from genuine hair that will look great on you. Moreover, they tend to attach to the scalp so well that not even your family would be able to tell the difference.

If you are looking for a more permanent solution then there is always the option of going to a hair restoration clinic Bethesda.

That way you won’t ever have to fret about the unnatural wig look. And what better way to restore all the confidence that you lost with your balding head other than hair restoration?

Important note

A receding hairline is something that 4/5 men struggle with. Hence, know that it is completely natural. On top of that, a number of new techniques of restoring hair have been developed. Hence, staying bald forever is a thing of the past (unless of course, you’ve embraced it).



How To Prevent Chimney Heat Loss

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Have you ever noticed that on a cold wintery night, your fireplace is not giving as much heat as it should and then you consider the need for a chimney contractor?

How Does A Chimney Works?

When the fireplace or the chimney is in use, the wood needs fresh oxygen to burn for fire, which causes the harmful gases to escape out of the chimney for safety purposes. The direction of the airflow is upwards which causes the cooler air from the different parts of the room to be drawn towards the fireplace, creating a cooling air direction. The combustion of the burning wood causes the gases released to escape up the chimney which also takes with it the warmer air created. This means that whatever warmth you feel in front of the fireplace is even less than a quarter than what you should feel, while the rest is lost through the chimney. Even when the chimney is not in use the heat is constantly escaping from the chimney and for that, you will need to get your chimney leak repair by a chimney contractor.

Ways To Prevent Heat Loss

  1. To keep your expensive warmth and heat inside the house on those terrible cold nights, you will need to take preventive measures to minimize heat loss. Firstly, you should get your chimney assessed by a chimney contractor for any flaws or leaks which are causing more heat to escape and get your chimney leak repair. Secondly, you should not consider increasing the heat by putting more wood but the strategy that should be followed is to minimize the convection current that is created from the room to the chimney.
  2. One solution for this is to put an electric blower and a glass barrier. You will not be able to completely stop the convection current that is being created, but you will be able to minimize it to some extent and could retain the radiant heat within the room. The blower will help to provide more warm air inside the room from the fireplace while the function of the glass barrier is to slow down the speed of the cooler air that is being drawn towards the fireplace, thereby reducing the convection current being created.
  3. When the fire is burning, you can keep the damper partially closed as this will prevent creating a stronger convection current and cause less cool air to escape thus retaining more heat inside the room.
  4. A fireplace insert is another viable option. An open fire draws air from the room while a fireplace insert is a closed system which has vents to draw air from the outside and it tends to radiate more heat inside the room.
  5. You can also retrofit your open fireplace. A retrofit basically is a slightly closed system or box for your open fireplace which has vents to draw air from outside. This way you can have the feel of the traditional fireplace and prevent your heated air and warmth to escape outside your house.
  6. A flue sealer or a chimney plus is another great option. What is it? It’s a removable plug that stops your house’s warm air from escaping outside the chimney. It is an inflatable device made of plastic and should be placed just below the damper. It will inflate and create a tight seal. No professional installation is required as you can attach it yourself but make sure to clean it before installation as dirt can prevent a tight seal.
  7. Installing doors and covers on the chimney opening and the fireplace is another way to prevent warm air from flowing out the chimney. They are easy to install and provide a tight seal which causes warm air to stay inside the house.

Apart from these solutions, you also need to check if there are any other leaks and openings in your house which is causing the warmth to escape. You should also get your chimney thoroughly checked and get any chimney leak repair to minimize heat and energy losses.

The Basics of Review Generation Software

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Now more than ever, review generation software should be a staple for businesses, particularly for small businesses. If you have an unknown name, potential customers will just skip your business for big name companies, especially if your name doesn’t have any stars next to it.

But of course, this is something you already know. Your business is probably having a hard time getting reviews. However, among the most foolproof methods for getting more reviews is by using review management software.

Why should you use review management software, anyway?

Save Time

There is a long list of websites you have to monitor where you can get reviews from. If you are a public relations manager or business owner, most of your time is probably spent flipping among these websites. Even though you logged in to everything and dozens of tabs are open for these websites, it is easy to lose track of the workflow and waste your precious company budget and time switching between and hunting for these sites. Thanks to review management software, there is only one tab, one login, and one seamless job.

The biggest chunk of time you have to spend on this software is only the initial setup wherein you will be linking all your sites to the dashboard. Once this is done, you are already good to go in a matter of minutes.

Manage Reviews Much Easily

The designers of review management software completely understand how frustrating it can get trying to learn brand new software. These days, new things seem to require a lot of things to learn before you finally get to master using it. This is why these software programs now have been built to make it easier for you to learn as much as possible through keeping things organized simplified while still remaining to be filled with all the necessary and important information.  After you have explored your new dashboard and make yourself familiar with the layout, you will surely agree that everyone can learn and manage this review software with relative ease.

Get New Reviews for Your Business

In this modern day and age, almost everyone checks reviews first before they decide whether to make a purchase or not. That up and down thumb is very critical for your business. This is the reason why they are trusted more than anything else. You can never delete those negative reviews at all. For a few companies, a single negative review may feel like the world has come to an end. However, if you got 20 or more positive reviews against that single negative review, your credibility will go all the way up. The final benefit of a review management software is that it helps you get new reviews faster than ever before.

If you wish to save yourself time, headaches, and tears, you will surely want to invest in the best online review management systems. Your reviews serve as the face you show to the World Wide Web so you have to ensure that it is fully and properly made up.

Precaution to be taken before and after tummy tuck surgery

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People who have excess abdominal fat and skin often get relief by removing them with the help of tummy tuck surgeries.   Some precautions have to be taken before and after tummy tuck surgeries for producing good results. They are discussed below.

Preparations needed for the surgery

Every person who has decided to undergo tummy tuck surgery has to get prepared for the surgery and has to change his life style and mental attitude corroborating to the procedure to be undertaken.

  • Understand in detail about the procedure and its merits and demerits through blogs and forum wherein the actual experiences of the candidates who have earlier undergone this procedure are detailed.
  • Get proper counseling and make yourself mentally and physically ready for the surgery.
  • A full meal before the surgery is not recommended
  • Inform your surgeon the medicines that you are now taking and he will advise you what to do in this matter
  • Stop smoking a few weeks prior to the scheduled date for the surgery
  • Make your home ready with necessary accessories like petroleum jelly, shower head, loose clothing, ice packs etc.
  • Arrange a driver to drive your car as you will not be able to drive in your return journey
  • Keep realistic views about the probable outcome of the surgery

Precautions after the surgery

People who have undergone abdominoplasty have to take special precautions after the surgical procedure for the successful completion and good results from the procedure. Some of them are detailed below.

  • Have plenty of rest and follow a balanced diet
  • More row fruits are good for increasing the fluid intake
  • Take pain medications which are approved by your doctor
  • Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking for speeding up the healing process
  • Do not lift heavy materials for at least six weeks after the surgery
  • Do not strain abdominal muscle by any activity including exercises. If you do any exercises, it has to be done with the approval of your physician
  • Your normal work can be resumed after three to four weeks or as advised by your physician
  • Keep your scars unexposed to the sun, lest healing may be delayed
  • To avoid infection keep the incisions clean
  • Use antibacterial soaps for body wash
  • Sleep in right posture thereby avoiding undue tension in the incision
  • If you find any difficulty in the healing process, you can consult a plastic surgeon for better results.

13 Frequently Asked Questions About Balayage

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Here are some frequently asked questions about balayage hair.

What Is Balayage?

Probably the most frequent question. Balayage is French for ‘sweep’, and this hair coloring technique sweeps the color on your hair in a feathery manner, hence the name balayage. Balayage, unlike, others aren’t done with precision, it done with free hand. With balayage hair style you can get baby like natural highlights.

What kind of hair is needed for balayage?

Any kind will do, this is the beauty of balayage hair. No matter what color or cut you have balayage will work for you. Also, balayage works better if you have blonde hair, but it will look equally good with hair with different colors and shades.

How is it applied? What is the procedure of application?

Balayage is an art, the tools needed for balayage are a brush and a backing board. With balayage the colorist or the expert has more control on the product application than in the other techniques like foil and cap.

If it’s just dye, how come it’s so popular?

It was used to be in fashion in the 70’s and now it’s back in fashion because of its all-natural look. A lot of celebrities have styled their hair with this color. Hence making it popular.

How much after color maintenance is required with balayage hair?

Surprisingly, balayage is very low maintenance. The most prominent advantage is that you don’t have to get the dyeing done again if your hair grows long. No touching up the roots. The only up keep is that you will need to get a color safe shampoo and conditioner to maintain the shine of the color.

How do I know what’s right for me? As in will it suit me?

Balayage hair suits almost everyone, but if you are doubtful, the have the colorist ask you questions about your likings, and the colorist can come up with the color you might like. You can also show inspirations as pictures too.

What will a Balayage do for my hair?

Balayage adds dimensions to darker hair, like brunette, brown and black. There will be no growing out or harsh lines with balayage.

How do I Prepare my hair for Balayage?

You will need to so a patch test two days prior to your appointment. Do not over use any other chemical product in your hair prior to your appointment. Also, natural oil is good, so if you have built up oil in your hair then, your scalp will be protected against the harsh chemicals. Oil is good, but your hair needs to be clean, no dirt that is. Also, make sure you have pictures for inspirations.

How Long Will It Take?

Every hair is different; thus, the time varies for every hair type. It can either take hours or it can take more sittings than one. You will also, need a consult before you go in for an actual appointment.

What are the ‘Downsides’ to Balayage?

Fortunately, there are no downsides to balayage except for the fact that bleaching and cutting down, will make your hair dry for a bit. But that can be corrected with proper shampooing and conditioning.

How much does it cost?

Balayage may cost more than your usual highlights. The price varies from person to person, it all depends on the type of the hair you have, the color you have. The darker your hair the more time and sitting it will take to give you the right color.

Are there any recommendations?

Yes! if you have long and straight hair then you should get them done in a light shade and keep it to the minimum, but if you have thick hair and you wear them in curls then you will be better off with heavy highlights.

How is it different than the other hair colors and highlights?

Think of it as a signature color from your colorist. It’s different and unique than every other client. This is how balayage is different the other hair colors. It is free hand, no two-hair color is the same.

All in all, hair salon for balayage rockville hair doesn’t have any downside. It may be a bit expensive than the rest, but balayage hair style is worth the money and the trouble.

The art of buying a Persian rug explained

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For some people possessing an antique Persian rug is an exquisite pleasure. Sheer prodigious skill and interweaving of exoticism make their selection and acquisition a rare thrill. It is not an easy task to find a value for money antique rug from a wholesale Persian rugs dealer for persons who have only very little knowledge about rugs.

From where to buy wholesale Persian rugs?

Iran formerly known as Persia is the most varied and prolific source of carpets. Iran is also another similar place where original rug designs are taking birth. This never means that the carpets from countries like Turkey, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, China, etc are inferior. Sometimes they are even superior to the prototype with regard to the clarity and robustness.

Important factors to consider while purchasing oriental rugs

  1. The first thing one must do for buying a good antique Persian rug is to avoid the carpet boutiques found in big cities. Big tourist centres, business centres and big cities may be having very exquisite and elaborate show rooms. It is better to avoid such centres and go to smaller dealers where you will get all the information needed and the guidance in taking the correct rug.
  2. Knowledge is power”. These are the words of a writer who has written a guide on oriental ug buying. She says it is better to have some basic information about oriental and Persian rugs before you set out your journey to buy one such rug. If you do not have enough knowledge about the superiority of Persian rugs there is no doubt that your search for a precious antique rug will end up in a machine made carpet. If you can pay attention to the following three factors chances are that you will never lose your way in the middle of your search for a Persian rug.
  3. The know count: When you say an Persian or oriental rug or when you say  a prayer mat, it automatically means a hand woven one on a loom or a hand knotted carpet using natural fibers. It does not mean anything else. In the dealers shop, turn over the carpet you are examining and look at the reverse side. The knots on a carpet made using machine will show suspicious uniformity.  A handmade rug will not be having refined uniformity in knots. As a rule of thumb one can fix 120 knots per square inch as the minimum knot density needed for the rug you are going to buy.
  4. The fiber: Finding out the right fiber for your carpet is very important. It will be better to have some knowledge about the fibers that are commonly used in Persian rugs and methods to find out whether the fiber claimed by the dealer is the one really used in the rug under consideration. It will be better to ask the dealer to conduct a burn test if you are not able to ascertain the correctness of the fiber used by visual inspection.
  5. Color : Artificial dyes can never match their natural alternatives like cochineal red, indigo blue, pomegranate yellow , orange henna, gallnut black etc. Natural colors are often bright and rich in color like natural flowers. They should never be like the red of a hot tomato. Orange and hot pinks are often chemical colors. Dyes differ in the way they get penetrated into the fiber.  This can be found by bending the carpet so that the individual threads are exposed from top to bottom. Synthetic coloring will give an even look whereas natural colors will be showing some variances.

Hot to haggle?

When you interact with a dealer with an intension to buy a rug you may often hear the common refrain “are you insulting me”? This is the tactics of the dealer to create some embarrassment in you and to get the thing sold easily.  The only solution that is practical in such a situation is to tell the wholesale oriental rugs VA dealer frankly that he is trying to intimidate you and you are not going to surrender to such exploitation. This will make you closer to the purchase of the rug you desire.

7 Common Divorce Problems And Solutions

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Divorce is the most unpleasant thing in any marriage one could ever think of, however, your family lawyer plays a very important role in such matters. There are some of most common problems and solutions in divorce that one should really think about. Let’s have a quick look at them,

Problems in Divorce

  1. Communication Gap

It is one the most common problem that couples face when one or both partners are not communicating enough with each other. It might be because of nature of job that you or your partner is doing or there is lack of understanding leading to preferring silence more than talking. There could be several other reasons for communication gap as well as per the divorce lawyers which needs to be addressed well on time.

  1. Mismatching Chemistry

It is a universal fact that no two people can have same kind of nature completely so it is very stupid to expect a prince charming or a perfect queen in your spouse. Your family lawyer can better make you understand that matching chemistry it is not necessary in all cases and you can even see many example in your own family as well.

  1. Complaining Attitude

There are some people who are always complaining about everything in their life and this attitude can make a major problem in any marriage. Your spouse may get irritated when every time there is a new complain to address instead of cheering the time you spend together.

  1. Suffering Children

You should be well aware of the fact that your kids are the ones to suffer most in your divorce than you both. Fighting in front of them may lead to psychological problems, depression and anxiety issues in a very young age which many parents does not consider in most divorce cases. Divorce lawyers share their experience of the most suffering kids in divorces where many of them keep suffering even in their teenage or more. Be it legal documentation, financial division or emotional stress, children suffer more than parents.

  1. Monetary Issues

It is the most important factor of all which leads to divorce mostly. It might be like your spouse earns more than you or only one partner is earning and not providing enough to run home smoothly. But there are several other factors too which needs to be considered before reaching to an extreme decision of divorce.

Solutions for divorce problems

  1. Be Flexible for Financial Problems

It is very important in anyone’s life but don’t make it this important which can make your life hell. Money is good and very important too but it is not everything of course. May be your spouse is expecting you to spend efficiently or keep record of all expenses so you both can control it easily. Or maybe you are spending much more on your extra needs like party and hanging out while your family need it more. Analyze yourself and your partner to make things work out in bet possible way.

  1. Communicate

Involve your family lawyer once the thought of divorce just strikes your mind. It is not a good thing and you need to talk to both; your lawyer and of course your spouse. Try to clear things first between you both which you think are possible reasons that made you think like that. Try to spend as much time with your spouse as possible before reaching to any decision.

  1. Give Some Space to Your Spouse and Understand the Circumstances

You need to understand that your spouse is a human as well and needs to be pampered and taken care of sometimes. Don’t be too hard on circumstance which is not in your favor as your spouse might be making best possible efforts to make things work out. Cooperate with your partner and try to understand things as much as you can if it helps in saving a marriage.

  1. Separate Counseling of Each Partner

When you contact a divorce lawyer Alexandria VA, it is obvious that a separate counselling of each partner will be conducted. Be flexible and neutral during these sessions as it is a decision of your whole life. Stop thinking negative about everything ad try to focus on positive points so you can better concentrate on these sessions.

11 Food Combinations We Hate

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Pineapple on pizza has been on debate for far too long, but that’s not all, we have more of the worst food combinations for you.

Food combinations hated all over the world

  1. Popcorns and Ketchup

The most famous movie snacks are no doubt popcorns, but what if someone would put ketchup on that? Urgh! Right? Well, it is a combination that has been debated on the internet as well. The ketchup enthusiasts have taken the ketchup trend too far. But it’s a flop combination, that can’t work no matter how much anyone would try.

  1. Waffles Topped with Red Pasta Sauce

Waffles are great but do we have to turn them into an Italian delicacy? No, pasta sauce on a waffle is yet another worst food combination. The sweet and tangy taste can never work together. Leave the waffle alone. You may be a great chef, and you may have a lot of food knowledge, but this is just plain wrong.

  1. Orange Juice with Cereal

Breakfast should be lavish, we all know that. But for most people, it’s cereal and orange juice as they are always on the go. To make the breakfast even shorter why not mix juice and cereal right? No, to have the juice with the cereal separately is good, to have it in the bowl with the cereal is just gross. Cereal likes milk and milk goes with cereal, and that’s the way they should remain.

  1. Cereal and Cheese

While looking through worst food combinations, there are a few that shocked me, but nothing shocked me as much as this, a full bowl of cereal with milk and Cheese. We get it, you love cheese, but somethings taste tons better without cheese. Like cereal and milk.

  1. Pizza Topped with Melted Chocolate

First pineapple now chocolate, what did pizza ever do to you? Someone must have taken revenge on somebody’s pizza because no one in their right mind would ruin a good cheesy pizza by adding melted chocolate on it.

  1. Salad topped Ice Cream

The whole point of a salad is to stay away from all that calories, who would think to add ice-cream on salad. What purpose does it serve, who would eat that? Seriously. You can try different dressings but why ice-cream? If you have food knowledge and you want to experiment, that’s great but ice cream and salad. No, just no.

  1. Donut Bacon Burger

Who doesn’t love donuts, that powder sugar mustache, yum! But to combine bacon burger and a donut is barbaric.  To replace bun with a donut is evil, pure evil. No matter how good a chef you are, or how much food knowledge you have, there is no way a donut would work with bacon burger.

  1. Peanut Butter and Bacon Sandwich:

Peanut butter and jelly sandwich make a good combo, and no other combination can be this good.  Can we please stop trying? Adding bacon replacing jelly isn’t a good combination. It can never be a good combination. We know you love peanut butter, we know you love bacon, but keep them separate. There is no need to mix them and make the worst combination of food in the history of food innovations.

  1. Wraps and Worst Combinations

We have seen great wrap combinations; people love playing with their leftover foods and wraps but putting popcorns and ketchup as filling? Or banana and ketchup? Or even warps with ketchup and spaghetti. Odd, bizarre and weird – there are no words to explain this combination.

  1. Crisps and Chocolate Dipping

Another excellent movie snack, crisps. There are so many dips that you can make to go with your crisps like salsa, or cheese dip or even jalapeno dip, but chocolate? Who would like to dip their crisps in chocolate and eat them too? Why would anyone ruin their crisps like that?

  1. Sausage Pork and Gummy Bears

Gummy bears have been my favorite ever since I was a kid, but that doesn’t mean I’d put them in my sausages too. This can be the king of the worst food combinations ever.

Worst food combinations

Chefs around the world, with a ton of food knowledge, are great at coming up with good food combinations, it’s their job. People with zero food knowledge or wonky taste buds should stay away from food experiments and making them public.

How To Make Classroom Engaging

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It is really necessary for a teacher to know the ways to make classroom engaging and less boring for his or her students. As a teacher you have a lot of responsibility by explaining the chapters, clearing the concepts, taking tests to assess their performance and then finishing the syllabus. But are you looking at the other side of the story? Your students? Were they on the same pace as you or did they enjoy the lectures with you?

Students tend to get bored with their education every day at a certain point of time and do not absorb anything them. The result is waste if time and bad grades. As a teacher you should adopt techniques and learning methods to make a fun classroom and make classroom engaging.

  1. Make Yourself Fun

The first and foremost trick for a fun classroom is to make yourself funny and goofy. Being serious will automatically make the lectures boring and monotonous. Instead try to explain the concepts through jokes and funny scenarios. Or if the topic actually is serious then lighten up the mood by refreshing the students with some jokes and have a good laugh. Researchers say that fun actually promotes learning and increase long term memory plus release endorphins in your body which make you more relaxed and alert.

  1. Use New Teaching Methods

Leave the old school teaching methods and rote learning concepts. Instead look for new and innovative teaching methodologies. Incorporate technological learning and e methods. Explain through real life examples and use examples of the students themselves. This way the students will become more involved and engaged and will actually gave a good time studying.

  1. Every Student Is Different

For some students one subject is interesting while for others, they may be interested in different subjects. To make the class engaging for every student, involve all the students. Explain the chapter to each student different, in a way that each student is able to understand. Try new teaching methods for different students.

  1. Encourage Group Discussions and Activities

Group activities and group discussions are a way to promote interest in students. Group dis9encourage students to share ideas and concepts and explain one another. Students are keen to keep on learning this way and get more comfortable with the learning environment.

  1. Let the Students Take Charge

Give your students different topic and make them into groups and give them chapters to learn and understand themselves and tell them to present and explain the chapter the next day. This way they will know what the teacher goes through while preparing the chapter. They will learn better this way and it will be a fun exercise for them. You can make classroom engaging this way and ask them questions so you will know whether they are prepared well or not and you can consider yourself as a student for a day.

  1. Use Different Modes of Communication

Sometimes you need to use different modes of communication to grab the attention of your students. Shouting and telling the students to settle down will not work generally. Use clapping, desk banging, knocking or even whistling to hush and settle them down. If nothing seems to work then silence and patience is the only key and is extremely powerful. Just be silent and stare at the students till they realize you are proceeding and doing anything until they have settled down.

  1. Create a Friendly Atmosphere

Creating a friendly environment and atmosphere will encourage the students to share and present their ideas and also their issues. Understand the need of each and every student. Be friendly with them, make eye contact when explaining to them and make use of hand movements and also walk around to arouse their interest.

  1. Take Inspirations from Students

Students will feel more productive and more engaged in a class room where their opinions are heard and considered. Ask the students what was the best and worst part of the chapter they just learnt. Or you can also ask them whether they have a different approach of teaching the subject. Take ideas and inspirations from your students to make a fun classroom.